Month: September 2018

Even scientists need some help sometimes

Even scientists need help sometimes

We know famous scientists by their names and their individual achievements. Albert Einstein and the theory of relativity. Archimedes and the law of hydrostatics. Isaac Newton and the law of gravitation. Marie Curie and the discovery of radium and polonium. Alexander Fleming and the discovery of penicillin. These are just a few examples of great …

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How to improve your cognitive abilities?

How to develop your cognitive abilities?

Developing cognitive abilities shouldn’t be limited to babies and children. It’s also important to develop cognitive abilities for adults because as we grow older, we lose our cognitive abilities. Based on studies, a reduced cognitive function may lead to premature ageing and reduced life expectancy. You should constantly challenge your brain, learn new things, and …

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A good night sleep will help you get through college easily

How Does A Good Night Sleep Affect Your Accomplishments In College?

Well, it seems your mom was right after all – sleeping can be very beneficial. This is really true, especially in college. According to a new study, sleeping can greatly improve a student’s academic performance. While it is not really surprising, researchers added that this also leads to improved overall life satisfaction. To put it …

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