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HA530-4: Research compensation and benefits options within the healthcare industry. 


For this Assignment you will need to conduct an interview with a compensation specialist in any health care setting. Give a brief description of the health care setting and the person you interviewed for this Assignment.  During the interview utilize at a minimum the questions below. Provide additional substantive information related to the topic. You will summarize your results in a written report. (3–5 pages in length not including the Cover Page and Bibliography, APA formatted, Cover Page, and Bibliography) and submit it through it through the course Dropbox.  


You may also interview managers that do not have a compensation specialist in their health care setting. Questions to include: 

• How do you determine wages and salary levels for your employees?  • How do you ensure that the pay you offer is adequate to attract the types of employees you need?  • How do you ensure that pay is perceived as fair?  • Do job applicants or employees ever negotiate for pay?  • How do you handle the negotiation process?  • Do you ever pay hiring bonuses?  • Have you ever thought of changing pay systems? Why?  • Do you offer any incentives to your employees?  • What are they and how do they work? 

Identify a position you would be interested within your career goal. Locate the salary information for this position and contrast it within a geographic location or within various healthcare settings. You may contract professional associations, check out websites, review employment ads, check out the University Career Center, or call compensation specialists at companies that hire health care staff.  

The ACC 290 department at University Of Phoenix features a variety of courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

 9-15 paragraphs APA formatt Running head, number pages abstract introduction, conclusion references


In my assignment , provide a description of the criminal offender, including the type of crime committe and the charge handed down by law enforcement.

Then, explain the circumstances and details of the federal case tracing the chronological events from lower possible level to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Description of Assessment Requirements 



As a Human Resource Management Consultant, you have been invited by a company of your choice to advise them on the possibility of restructuring their HR practices in order to compete more effectively in the global marketplace. In particular the Board of Directors would like you to address the following:



Task 1

Drawing on HR models, critically explain the company's approach to the management of its human capital and whether it is appropriate to current market requirements.

(10 marks)


Task 2

Critically discuss its recruitment and selection in relation to strategic human resource initiatives. Make relevant recommendations as to how it could improve this process.

(20 marks)


Task 3

Discuss its approach to HRD and explain how this could be improved.

(20 marks)


Task 4

Critically evaluate the classical theories of motivation and from your discussion of these theories propose a hybrid theory which may combine the most meaningful characteristics from a range of these theories and which you believe will have practical value in this organisation.                                                                                 (20 marks)


Task 5

Discuss the challenges of managing change in the context of restructuring the company's approach to managing its human capital.                                      (20 marks)


Presentation                                                                                                     (10 marks)



(Each task should be approximately 800 words in length)


General guidelines: 


1. Your analysis must be grounded in appropriate academic literature and must provide clear evidence of independent critical evaluation.


2. The coursework is an individual written assignment and worth 100%.


3. Your work can be submitted in either report or essay format.


4. All research must be referenced and a bibliography attached. Improper or lack of either of these constitutes plagiarism and this will result in a restriction of marks.


5. The application of theory to practice will be given good marks.


6. Maximum Words (4000)


Assessment Critieria


You will be assessed on the following criteria:


• Ability to identify  strategic HR issues relevant to the overall performance of the organisation (10%)
• Coherence and depth of analysis of issues identified (20%)
• Ability to critically evaluate issues facing your chosen company in relation to relevant theoretical models covered in this module(20%)
• Use of relevant evidence based on personal research to support your analysis (20%)
• Ability to achieve a personal synthesis by drawing relevant conclusions or making recommendations from the analysis and evaluation of relevant facts(20%)
• Presentation in terms of appropriateness of referencing methodology, length, and quality and quantity of references used.(10%)




Further Guidelines



The submission of your work assessment should be organized and clearly structured in a report or essay format.




Maximum word length allowed is 4000 words, excluding words in charts & tables and in the appendixes section of your assignment.




This assignment is worth 100% of the final assessment of the module.




Student is required to submit a type-written document in Microsoft Word format with Times New Roman font type, size 12 and line spacing 1.5.




Indicate the sources of information and literature review by including all the necessary citations and references adopting the Harvard Referencing System.


Students who have been found to have committed acts of Plagiarism are automatically considered to have failed the entire module. If found to have breached the regulation for the second time, you will be asked to leave the course.



Plagiarism involves taking someone else’s words, thoughts, ideas or essays from online essay banks and trying to pass them off as your own. It is a form of cheating which is taken very seriously. 




Report Structure (if used)


Table of Contents






Discussion/Literature Review









Assessment item 5

Query and update databases using SQL

Value: 15%

Due date: 08-Oct-2015

Return date: 30-Oct-2015

Submission method options

Alternative submission method



  • This assignment encourages you to use SQLite to complete the tasks listed below.
  • The instructions listed below relate to SQLite.
  • For guidance on how to install SQLite, watch this short YouTube video:
  • For guidance on how to create tables using SQLite, watch this short YouTube video:
  • You are welcome to use MySQL. The instructions for using MySQL will be placed in the Students Resources Folder.
  • To use other packages, please seek the approval of your subject coordinator.
  • Typing the SQL statements or the results is NOT acceptable.


From Resources under Main Menu in Interact 2 go to Students Resources Folder

Copy sqlite3.exe and cmd.exe files from the Students Resources Folder into a folder in your machine


Copy a5.txt from the Students Resources Folder into the folder in your machine where your SQLite file is located


Open a5.txt in Notepad


Replace yourstudentid in line .output yourstudentid.txt in a5.txt with your actual studentid i.e. for example 45446667.txt


From the Command Prompt type sqlite3.exe yourstudentid.db


Note: From the Command Prompt call the folder in your machine where your SQLite file is located before you type sqlite3.exe yourstudentid.db


At the SQLite Command Line type .read a5.txt [to create the tables you will use to answer this assignment’s questions]


At the SQLite Command Line type .quit


Using WordPad open yourstudentid.txt [to check the tables you created exist]


From the Command Prompt type sqlite3


At the SQLite Command Line type .open yourstudentid.db


At the SQLite Command Line type .headers on


At the SQLite Command Line type .mode column


Write and run SQL statements to complete the following tasks


  1. Show all the details of the products by v_code 21344
  2. Locate the record in the vendor table that does not have a value for the attribute V_STATE
  3. Find the customers whose balance is greater than 200 but less than 300.
  4. What is the max balance?
  5. Show the names of the customers for whom we have invoices.
  6. Show the CUS_CODE of the customers for whom we DO NOT have invoices.
  7. Show the names of the customers for whom we DO NOT have invoices.
  8. Find out how many times a customer generated an invoice.
  9. List the names of the customers and how many times a customer generated an invoice.
  10. Add a new attribute (field) credithistory varchar(6) to the customer table.
  11. Update credithistory for customer '10011' to 'Bad'.
  12. Delete the employee Leighla Genkazi from the EMP table.


You are required to submit:


1.      The SQL statements for each query, which should be copied from your SQLite3 Command Line and pasted into your submission file

2.      The screenshots of the results of the SQL statements which are to be copied from your SQLite3 Command Line and pasted into your submission file immediately after you execute the SQL query. If you used an output file please submit only the output file





This assignment will assess your knowledge and ability to use SQL to query database tables and update them. It will also test your ability to write both simple and complex queries and run those queries to return the requested data.

Marking criteria

The following criteria will be used to assess Assignment 5:







Write and run SQL statements to complete tasks 1-12 above

The SQL statements retrieve or update the required information for all assignment tasks using concise, correct and free of errors SQL syntax that

The SQL statements retrieve or update the required information for most of theassignment tasks using correct and free of errors SQL syntax


The SQL statements retrieve or update the required information for some of theassignment tasks using mostly correct SQL syntax

The SQL statements retrieve or update the required information for only a few of theassignment tasks using SQL syntax that contains frequent errors



T.B. is a 65 year old retiree who is admitted to your unit from the emergency department (ED). On arrival you note that he is trembling and nearly doubled over with severe abdominal pain. T.B. indicates that he has severe pain in the right upper quadrant (RUQ) of his abdomen that radiates through to his mid back as a deep, sharp boring pain. He is more comfortable walking or sitting bent forward rather than lying flat in bed. He admits to having had several similar bouts of abdominal pain in the last month, but "none as bad as this." He feels nauseated but has not vomited, although he did vomit a week ago with a similar episode. T.B. experienced an acute onset of pain after eating fish and chips at a fast-food restaurant earlier today. He is not happy to be in the hospital and is grumpy that his daughter insisted on taking him to the ED for evaluation.


After orienting him to the room, call light, bed controls, and lights, you perform your physical assessment. The findings are as follows: he is awake, alert, and oriented (AAO) x3, and he moves all extremities well (MAEW). He is restless, is constantly shifting his position, and complains of (C/O) fatigue. Breath sounds are clear to auscultation (CTA). Heart sounds are clear and crisp, with no murmur or rub noted and with a regular rate and rhythm (RRR). Abdomen is flat, slightly rigid, and very tenderto palpation throughout, especially in the RUQ. Bowel sounds are present. A sharp inspiratory arrest and exclamation of pain occur with deep palpation of the costal margin in the RUQ (positive Murphy's sign). He reports light colored stools for 1 week. The patient voids dark amber urine but denies dysuria. Skin and sclera are jaundiced. Admission vital signs (VS) are 164/100, 132, 26, 36 C, Sao, 96% on 2Lof oxygen by nasal cannula.


 Based on the above symptoms what other assessments, tests or procedures would the MD order or perform to help diagnosis the problem?

What results would you expect to find and why?

Based on your results what is the cause and pathology?

What are the patient’s risk factors?

Deliverable Length:7 pages; 5 empty sections with headings

Project Background

Throughout this course, you will be working on several aspects of help desk operations planning that will result in a complete Help Desk Operations Guide document for a company scenario of your choosing. For purposes of this project, you can assume the company either has an existing help desk group in need of improvement or is creating a new department. Additional information and the deliverables for each Individual Project will be provided in the assignment description for the project.

Company Selection:

The first step will be to select a scenario company as the target for your help desk department. This company will be used as the basis for each of the assignments throughout the course and should conform to the following guidelines:

  • Nontrivial: The company should be large enough to allow reasonable exercise of the help desk planning process.
  • Domain Knowledge: Student should be familiar with the products or services provided by the organization to allow focus on the help desk department planning tasks without significant time required for domain education.
  • Accessibility: Student should have good access to information related to the type of organization because this will be an important part of the process.

Select an example company that fits these requirements, and submit your proposal to your instructor before proceeding further with the assignments in the course. Approval should be sought within the first several days of the course. Your instructor will tell you how to submit this proposal and what notification will be given for project approval.


For the assignments in this course, you will be developing a comprehensive Help Desk Operations Guide document. Your first task in this process will be to select an example company to use as the basis of your planning. You will also create the shell document for the final project deliverable that you will be working on during each unit. As you proceed through each project phase, you will add content to each section of the final document to gradually complete the final project delivery.

The project deliverables are the following:

  • Submit your project proposal to instructor for approval.
  • Help Desk Operations Guide Document Shell, the format is should be as follows:
    • Title Page
      • Course number and name
      • Project name
      • Student name
      • Date
    • Table of Contents (TOC)
      • Use auto-generated TOC.
      • Maximum of three levels deep
      • Be sure to update the fields of the TOC so it is up-to-date before submitting your project.
    • Section Headings (create each heading on a new page with TBD as content, except for sections listed under New Content below)
      • Project Outline
      • Roles and Responsibilities
      • Tools and Technologies
      • Processes and Procedures
      • Performance Measures
  • New content to be added to the guide:
    • Project Outline
      • Brief description of the company (can be hypothetical) where the help desk organization will reside. Include a list of products and services provided by the company, company size, location(s), and other pertinent information.
      • Summary of major types of support to be provided (phone, e-mail, live) and who will be the target of support (internal users, external customers, etc.)
      • Material can be taken from approved proposal submitted to instructor
      • Be sure this project is approved by the instructor
  • Name the document yourname_IT141_IP1.doc
  • Submit the document for grading

Adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response. Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details to support statements.

Please submit your assignment.

Grading Rubric:

 Rubric Item Requirements

Project ProposalStudent submitted a project proposal and was approved by the instructor. This is separate from the project paper.15
Document Organization
  •  Title page: should include course name and number, project name, student name, and date.
  • Table of contents: auto-generated, updated table of contents
Project Outline Summary of approved project:

  • Brief description of the company (can be hypothetical) where the help desk organization will reside. Include a list of products and services provided by the company, company size, location(s), and other pertinent information.
  • Summary of major types of support to be provided (phone, e-mail, live) and who will be the target of support (internal users, external customers, etc.)
Mechanics  Document should be free of grammar and spelling mistakes and should be written at a college level.15
Total Points 150


How did the chemicals from the periodic table arise


Assignment: Develop an 8- to 10-slide narrated and annotated Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentation. For assistance:



Address the following in your presentation:


  • Describe the various transmission mediums and explain the best use of each with various examples of business use. 
  • Identify communications capabilities of each medium and the types of signals that are used for each.
  • Identify the various protocols that are available for use and provide a recommended standard that should be used as the most efficient communication within a business.
  • Use outside research to show how these standards have been used in similar companies to explain your choice.


List major points in the slides. Include detailed explanations in the speaker notes section that correlate to each point.


Include videos, audio, photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate.


Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


Submit the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation assignment.


Note. Local Campus students must deliver a 10- to 15-minute oral presentation using the Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in addition to submitting the file to the facilitator.