Put these words in a paragraph: aspect, comprehend, disregard, attain, eloquence, infirmity, introspect, precise, tremulous, and restrain.

i need a paragraph about carbonized fossils

In this session-long project, you will write a four-five page essay that not only evaluates Brady’s “Why I Want a Wife,” but also includes description and the rhetorical appeals. You will want to consider how the essay appeals to the emotions, the credibility, and the logic of the readers. You will consider how and where the author appeals to the emotions of a reader. Consider whether the author makes sense or has logical points. Evaluate whether or not you believe what Brady says remains true today. This essay should illustrate your knowledge of the rhetorical appeals, description, and evaluation.

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what is a type of government in which those in power hold absolute and un challengeable authority over people

What topics might a biologists study at the community level of organization?

8.29 2 assignments


A student heated a beaker containing a liquid over a yellow flame. After the beaker was removed the student noticed a black deposit on the underside of the beaker. What is the black deposit and where did it come from? What could the student do next time to avoid having the black deposit?