how does the eucalyptus tree survive



Melissa and her friends are stretching rubber bands for activity in science class. Melissa stretched her elastic to 10 inches. Juan stretched it three and one-half times far Sara Stretched 4 fourths as far. Marsha stretched it 2 fifths as far. put the students in order of how far they stretched their rubber bands from least to greatest

john added the numerators of sevral fractions with unlikr denominators. what should john had done first?

a social problem manifest in our nation or our world. create a civil disobedience campaign to eradicate this social problem

the first showing of a play began at 12:20 p.m. and all 550 seats are filled.Every hour and 45 minutes a new play occured and each showing had all seats filled.How many total people attended each play?

i need this by 10;00 p.m. tonight



what is the best microscope to get a detailed view of the parts inside of a preserved plant cell?

Examine and explain the automated cleaning house ACH, it role, and how it relates to NACHA

The average global temperature has _____ during the 20th century.