please choose ONE topic from the file uploaded and write a 5-7 page paper .


Please indicate which topic you selected.  Please ONLY cite from the book: The Norton Anthology of American Literature(8th edition)!! if you have any questions plz contact me.

DO NOT write anything that is outside the book

format MLA with IN-TEXT citation

no plagiarism

be on topic

5 or more references with in-text citation


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Argue one of the following topics 

• drug addiction unless treated leads to poverty 

• education may or may not be the means  to overcome a life of poverty 

• for or against  the argument that those born into poverty will never be able to  transcend  poverty 

In a paper of 1,500-1,750 words, do the following:

1.            Compare the views of Aristotle and Descartes on the relationship between body and mind/soul.

Compare the views of John Locke and Immanuel Kant on the role of nature versus nurture in knowledge acquisition.


Assignment is in the attachment:


A 4-5-page paper will be typed in Times New Roman: Font 12, double-spaced.


Answer the questions directly and thoroughly.


Stay focused on the precise assignment questions; do not go off on tangents or devote a lot of space to general background materials.


List supporting references and cite sources in proper APA Format. Provide all sources with website information is required if Internet is used.

Resource: Applying the Results and Conclusion of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care Grading Criteria

Use the content of the Applying the Background and Methodology of the Research Process to Problems in Health Care assignment, which was due in Week Three, as a guide to complete the following assignment.

Respond to the following questions in 700 - 1,050 paper:

  • Results: data collection methods
    • In what way are the data collection procedures appropriate for this study?
    • In what way were appropriate steps taken to protect the rights of subjects?
    • In what way is the data collection tool used to support the reliability and validity of the study?
  • Data analysis procedures
    • In what ways are the data analysis procedures appropriate for the data collected?
    • In what ways are the data analysis procedures appropriate for answering the research question or questions, for testing the study hypothesis or hypotheses, or both?
    • What are the key distinctions between qualitative and quantitative data?
  • APA format  Note attached article
  • Conclusion
    • Summarize the findings of the study.
    • Identify the strengths of the scientific merit of this study. What are weaknesses?
    • Identify the major limitations of the scientific merit of this study? What are its weaknesses?
    • Explain if the findings support the hypotheses?


Assignment is in the attachment:

Error Uploading! 

i wnat ti write executive summary i whant it two to three pages within 18 to 20 hous 



Executive Summary (page 168) – remember that you write the executive summary after you have written the entire report including the summary/closing; Closing (page 176) includes Summary-Conclusions and the Recommendation; Table of Contents (page 166) you should be able to develop your final Table of Contents at this point including page numbers; List of Charts (page 167) this can also be developed with page numbers at this point.    

please choose one topic from the two and write a 1-2 page paper. please follow the instructions uploaded in the picture. finish within 3 days

the homework will about 


25 artist work , to be more specific i need 25 artist work in pictures for there works . and u need to get 1- the name of the artist work . 2- the name of the artist . 3- the date of the arist work done. 4- write one paragragh explaining the arist work , like the lines and the color like that.


* 25 different artists


*the artist images for his work ,it has shown