Stategic plan for Home movie rental industry ( Netflix & DVD Rentals with Kiosk)


Given the multibillion dollar size of the corporation and the fact that it is a conglomerate with a very diverse portfolio of companies in varying industries, the CEO whom you report to has already given you permission to hire a staff of recent MBAs to assist your efforts. You recently completed the interviewing and hired four people with minimal real business experience.

In coming months, you and your team will be creating a completely new—and, presumably, more effective—strategic plan. You plan to begin by holding a kick-off meeting with your team.

Part 1

Deliverable Length: 1,000 words

To feel confident that all of the employees in your strategic planning team understand all that you have taught them, you require each to prepare a streamlined version of the key elements of a company’s strategic plan. You require each employee to prepare the following sections of a strategic plan for any one of the corporation’s four divisions. You intentionally gave them no information about any of the divisions and suggest that they pick a current leading competitor in that field, and are to assume they are in that company as they write the following parts of a strategic plan:

  • Create a Mission statement (simply copying an existing real company’s mission is unacceptable)
  • Industry analysis
  • SWOTT analysis
  • 2 perceptual maps
    • Choose any 2 pairs of criteria that you think are important to plot.
    • Explain why you picked those 2 pairs of criteria.

The 4 corporate industries that each employee can pick from are the fo

Short Paper #1

1500 words minimum/maximum

(approximately 4 ½ pages)


see the attachment for more details

philosophy Short Paper 

1500 words minimum/maximum

(approximately 4 ½ pages)

10 multiple choice question 

one question

45mins limit

word 1600- 1800


The President of EEC has decided to adopt the balanced scorecard. The balanced scorecard translates an organization’s mission and strategy into operational objectives and performance measures for 4 different perspectives. You received an e-mail from him asking about tying compensation with performance measures. Discuss the following in your response:

  • Discuss unethical behavior that can result if the wrong performance measures are used to tie performance measures to compensation.
  • How can EEC avoid these behaviors?
  • How should EEC tie performance measures to compensation?
  • Who is responsible for establishing the performance measures?


Homework for Business law due after 3 hours from the post


1.  What is the type of court, including where it is located, in which the Enron trial was held?

2.  Was the Enron trial a civil trial or a criminal trial?

3.  How long was the trial expected to take?

4.  a. Who are the defendants in this case?

     b. What were their positions in Enron (be specific)?

     c. Name the charges and how many were brought against each of them?

5.  How much was it believed that the defendants would be paying for their defense?

6.  How many people were in the original jury pool as of Fall 2005?

7.  How many people were in the final jury pool prior to voir dire in the courtroom on Monday, January 30, 2006?

8.  How many pages were in the questionnaire filled out by the people in the jury pool?

9.  How many questions were in the questionnaire?

10.  How many questions in the questionnaire related directly to Enron?

11.  According to the articles, in general, how is the voir dire conducted in state courtrooms?

12.  According to the articles, in general, how is the voir dire conducted in federal courtrooms?

13.  In relation to questions 11 and 12, what happened during voir dire in the Enron trial that seemed somewhat different than is expected in federal courts?

14.  How many jury members and how many alternates were chosen for this trial?

15.  Did the judge order the jury to be sequestered during the trial?  As part of your answer, explain briefly what "sequester" means in respect to juries (this is in your textbook but you should look further at another source for a more complete answer).

16.  a. How long were the opening arguments?

       b. How long did the prosecution take for opening arguments?

       c. How long did the defense take for opening arguments?

17.  Describe the jury profile in as much detail as the articles provide.

18.  What is a "shadow jury?"

19.  What were the final verdicts for each of the defendants?

20.  How long did this trial ultimately take?

21.  How do you think the jury profile affected the outcome of the case?  Be specific.


Evaluate one or two of the following consumer protection acts:

  • The Truth in Lending Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • Fair Credit Billing Act
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

In your evaluation, answer the following questions using Internet research to support your responses:

  • Can this law be improved?
  • If so, how would you improve it?

Choose a party and ideology. Outline your ideology and state the general principles

of your party. Remember that ideologies have distinct views of human nature, therelationship between individual and collective interests and the role of government.Length: 3-4 pages, double-spaced, font 12 Roman

Now imagine that you are a secretary/minister in the administration/cabinet of anewly formed government of the United States or any other government. Choose adepartment within the administration. Take a look at the links below to get an ideaof the available cabinet positions in different countries. You may make up a newone if you like. Now do some research to establish what you consider to be themost important challenges in your chosen policy area (the portfolio) affecting yourcountry. Offer general or specific policy suggestions consistent with your ideologyand your party’s principles. Be creative and have fun with this.

Deliverable Length:7–10 pages

Weekly tasks or assignments (Individual or Group Projects) will be due by Monday, and late submissions will be assigned a late penalty in accordance with the late penalty policy found in the syllabus. NOTE: All submission posting times are based on midnight Central Time.

Key Assignment

Based on the PowerPoint project from Week 4, write a social media policy manual that defines the creation, scope, and purpose of a social media presence for a small- to mid-size company. The manual will cover reasoning for presence, platforms or outlets selected, types of messaging and content to be distributed, and intended results for the social media campaign.

The content is to be developed and cover the development and maintenance of a social media presence and content. Items to be addressed include the following:

  • Definition of which platform or platforms are to be used
  • The types of content to be used on each
  • Who is responsible for the content and time frames for updates
  • Other important aspects to creating a social media presence

Note: The manual should be professionally formatted and contain a cover and reference page in addition to 7–10 pages of text containing details. The cover and reference pages do not count toward the page requirement. A minimum of 5 professional or academic references are required to support your paper and to provide additional discussion points.



  • Recognize the different uses of social media and the impact on individuals, groups, and society
  • Describe the various ways businesses are using social media to achieve goals and objectives