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Construction Safety Week VII

Hazardous Materials Management Week VII

Cloud-based computing allows businesses to store and access large amounts of data over the Internet rather than on in-house computer hard drives. There are several cloud-based data solutions currently available in the marketplace.

Using the Argosy University online library resources and the Internet, research the latest cloud-based data solutions in the marketplace today. Select at least 2 scholarly sources for use in this assignment.

Assume you are evaluating vendors providing cloud-based solutions for your current organization or a hypothetical organization. Complete the following:

  • Identify three potential vendors.
  • Compare and contrast the three different vendors. Be sure to consider the services, data solutions, and security features they provide.
  • Based on your analysis, provide a recommendation about which provider or solution you think would work best.
  • Provide a justification explaining why it would be the best product for your selected business to use (using your current organization or a hypothetical organization). Support your recommendation with up-to-date knowledge of business practices and technology use. Be sure to provide a little background about the organization to help justify your recommendation.

Utilize at least 2 scholarly sources in support of your assertions.

Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in appropriate and accurate representation and attribution of sources; display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Write a 3–4-page report in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

so the items that i up loaded are pretty straight forward, I did the first assignment part a. so that is just a refrence for you to follow when you are doing part b. you will be making the info up that you plug into the questions, I know this but you will need to make sure it co incides with the first part i did, this is not complicated as long as you read the instructions and look at the rubric which is uploaded as well.

Each of the following statements is true regarding incubation periods EXCEPT:

I need someone to help me with my final project  (that is uploaded)for Comminications Class. I have this done and need help fixing it. This needs to be a formal proposal on cutting spending at Annex College. I need text citations and good sentece structure and of course grammer. 

I dont now if it would be better to start from scratch or fix this one. 

Here is what it needs to have: 

For the Portfolio Project, you are creating a proposal written in formal style and using at least two research sources to support your proposal. You are expected to cite those sources both in the text of your proposal and on the references page at the end. A number of assignments for this course are projects that build this one, so as you work through this course you will collect source material and ideas that relate to this project. You will use the information you locate to make a persuasive argument regarding a campaign of your design to the hypothetical college board of directors that supports, explains, and defends your campaign idea with solid facts and logical argument based on source evidence. You will create a campaign idea based on source material and create a proposal paper that works to persuade the board of directors at your hypothetical school to adopt your new budget.

Propose a campaign to decrease the budget but keep the same services at a hypothetical college (you make up this information - college name, number of students, etc) that has an issue with overspending and needs to make some changes to stay within their budget. For this proposal, you will find sources that explain how to create a budget and stay within it for a university, how to decrease spending for a university without losing services, statistics and facts to support your argument, and examples of other universities that utilized similar ideas to cut spending that were successful to back your ideas.

The Principle Elements:

• Cover/Title page

• Table of Contents and List of Figures

• Executive Summary (Never longer than one page)

• Body (3-4 pages)

• References (at least two recent, reliable research sources from within the last five years must be cited)

• Appendices (if any used)

The paper should be well-written, formatted according to CSU-Global APA Guidelines, and 10 pages total – including all bullet points above. Refer to the Portfolio Project rubric for grading criteria.


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See the You Decide content item for details, instructions, and grading rubrics. For each issue, you should

  1. state the issue;
  2. explain and discuss the applicable law (IRC sections, regulations, court decision, and so forth.);
  3. present your answer in the form of a concluding paragraph that refers to specific language from the IRC sections, regulations, court decisions, and other sources (if applicable) to support the conclusion;
  4. submit it using the template provided in Doc Sharing; and
  5. pay attention to the required word count range.