Paper topic: Read Chapter 4 in your text (An Introduction to Human Services 7th edition by Woodside and McClam) and answer the following questions in the form of a paper:


Ø Select a problem that you know is currently receiving the attention of the helping professions. Discuss how each model from Chapter 4 (Medical Model, Public Health Model and Human Services Model) might approach the problem. 


 Ø What seems to be the strengths and the weaknesses of each model in addressing the problem you chose? Be sure to clearly cite material from the text and support your assertions with evidence (i.e. explain your reasoning). 


 Ø In addition, discuss two resources (typically in the form of human services organizations) available to address the problem you selected. For example, if you discussed alcoholism, you might select AA and a community rehabilitation program as your resources. The resources can be online resources so long as they are credible organizations (not blogs or Wikipedia type information). 


 Ø Answer the following questions about your two resources:


What are the purpose, goals, and mission of the Human Services organization you selected?

How is the organization trying to make changes to what it identifies as key issues?

What will the organization need to do in order to effectively make these changes/address these issues?

See attachments. 

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Research and select one article from a professional journal on the topic of juvenile offenders transferred into adult criminal court jurisdiction. This paper requires APA style format, including citing key points and material from the source using APA formatted in-text citations and listing the reference in this style format.

The paper is to consist of a minimum two full pages in length, not including the title page and reference page. The article review should be written in paragraph format. The paper should include an introduction of the article, present several key points from the article, and summarize the article's conclusion. The conclusion should include your perspective on this issue, and your opinion of the article


1.         Which is generally NOT true of non-functional requirements?


Please post your response to ONE of the following questions:

    1.  President Lincoln was assassinated on the April 14th, 1865. But what if Lincoln had led the nation through Reconstruction? Would the events and outcomes of Reconstruction have been different?  
    2. Review the 4 Reconstruction Plans: Lincoln's Ten Percent plan, the Wade-Davis Bill, Johnson’s plan for Reconstruction also referred to as "Restoration", and Congressional Reconstruction, comparing and contrasting them.  In your opinion, which plan would have produced the best results, or were all of the plans doomed to produce the same end?


Please prepare a 5-7 page Essay on a current HOT TOPIC in one of the hospitality management segments. 

First, choose the segment of the Hospitality Industry that interests you the most:  Foodservice, Lodging, Travel & Tourism.  NEXT, choose an industry hot topic or current issue that is affecting that industry, specifically.

Explain how this issue became a hot button issue for the industry.

Describe how the industry is responding to or adapting to this issue.  Are there any industry associations that are taking a stand regarding this topic?

What is the industry doing to address this current hot topic?  What could this mean to the future of the industry?

A well developed thesis statement should be written in your introductory paragraph.  This tells what the paper will be about.  It basically answers the question that the rest of your paper is developing and exploring.  The body of the paper should develop and support that thesis statement, using valid industry and academic resources. 

Include specific industry references and examples to reinforce your points, include at least one industry professional organization (such as the National Restaurant Association, American Hotel & Lodging Association, or the U.S. Travel Association).  Don't forget to use the resources in our online library.

Finish up by describing how this issue could continue to influence or affect the industry in the future; how will the industry handle this issue going forward?

The essay should be in APA format, about a segment in the industry that interests you and focused on a current topic occurring in that industry segment today.   "Restaurant Management" is NOT an acceptable topic.

Please make sure you use at least 3 resources, and cite them properly.  Spell check and proof read.


Please post your response to ONE of the following questions:

    1. Identify a major technological invention or innovation of this period that is discussed in either Chapter 10 or Chapter 15, and explain its importance.
    2. In your opinion, did construction of  a railroad system unify, or divide the nation? (You can also argue how it did both.) Explain your position.