Explain why zoning laws, which allow certain land uses only in specific locations, might be justified in dealing with a problem of negative externalities.

Explain why in areas where buildings sit close together tax breaks to property owners for installing extra fire prevention equipment might be justified in view of positive externalities.

Explain why excise taxes on beer might be justified in dealing with a problem of external costs. 

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An estimate of the technical aspects of the proposed system

Unit 5

a line segment has end point P(3,6) and Q(12,18) and is dilated so thats its new endpoints are Q' (8,12). What is the scale factor? If the lenght of PQ is 15 what is the lenght of P' Q'?

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Townsend, Kenneth W. & Mark A. Nicholas

First American: History of Native Peoples 2013

Explain why removal was such an important issue in the early American republic. Please use references from both chapters 6 and 7.
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