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PPT about fair use advertisement case in bisiness law.

Introduce presenter and case.

   What is the subject of the case?

Highest Court which heard case.

   Relevant facts stated concisely.

Outcome of case.

   Court’s reasoning explained clearly.

Historical context explained. At least date.

Update of law.

1.     Burton currently has $850,000 of long-term debt outstanding, 5,000 shares of preferred stock ($10 par) with a market price of $12, and 20,000 shares of common stock ($20 par) with a market price of $53 per share.  They have used a WACC of 14% in the past to evaluate projects but want to determine their current required return for new investments.




Debt: Burton can sell a 10-year, $1,000 par value, 7 percent annual coupon bond for $975. A flotation cost of 2 percent of the face (par) value would be required. Additionally, the firm has a marginal tax rate of 34 percent.




Preferred Stock:  Burton pays $1 dividends annually on their preferred shares.  The shares are currently selling for $12 in the secondary market.  They do not have plans to issue any additional preferred stock.




Common Stock: Burton's common stock is currently selling for $53 per share. The dividend expected to be paid at the end of the coming year is $4. Its dividend payments have been growing at a constant 3% rate.  It is expected that to sell all the shares, a new common stock issue must be underpriced $1 per share and the firm must pay 1% of market value per share in flotation costs.




a.     Calculate the after-tax cost of debt


b.     Calculate the cost of preferred equity


c.     Calculate the cost of common equity


d.     Calculate the WACC


e.     Re-calculate the NPV for the project in #1 above using this new WACC.


f.      Should Burton accept the project when considering this revised cost of capital?




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