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Intro Genetics take home test is attached. You have to show your work.


A conflict of interest scenario was presented to a sample of 205 marketing

researchers and that 111 of these researchers disapproved of the actions taken.

(a)Let p be the proportion of all marketing researchers who disapprove of the actions 

  taken in the conflict of interest scenario. Set up the null and alternative

  hypotheses needed to attempt to provide evidence supporting the claim that a 

  majority (more than 50 percent) of all marketing researchers disapprove of the 

  actions taken.

(b)Assuming that the sample of 205 marketing researchers has been randomly

  selected, use critical values and the previously given sample information to test 

  the hypotheses you set up in part (a) at the 0.1, 0.05, 0.01 and 0.001 levels of

  significance. How much evidence is there that a majority of all marketing 

  researchers disapprove of the actions taken?

(c)Suppose a random sample of 1,000 marketing researchers reveals that 540 of the

  researchers disapprove of the actions taken in the conflict of interest scenario. Use 

  critical values to determine how much evidence there is that a majority of all 

  marketing researchers disapprove of the actions taken.

(d)Note that in parts(b) and (c) the sample proportion is (essentially) the same. 

  Explain why the results of the hypothesis test in parts (b) and(c) differ.


Here are the questions Section 7.2: 17,22,25,25,29 and Section 7.3 10,11,17,20. I have attached the pdf which has the questions. Pg 414 and beyond are the pages for the section

QNT Final

Why is Mr justice Wargrave's thoughts I And Then There Are None important


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it has two part a and b there are 40 question together mabe less


you have many shots to try and solve but if u tyr too many times it will count wrong

also if you try to reveal the rite answer before solving the question the question will count as wronge and will lock so you dont have more attempts


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