Week 2 Problem Set

Answer the following questions and solve the following problems in the space provided. When you are done, save the file in the format flastname_Week_2_Problem_Set.docx, where flastname is your first initial and you last name, and submit it to the appropriate dropbox.

Chapter 4 (pages 132–136):

3. Calculate the future value of $2000 in

a. five years at an interest rate of 5% per year;

b. ten years at an interest rate of 5% per year; and

c. five years at an interest rate of 10% per year.

d. Why is the amount of interest earned in part (a) less than half the amount of interest earned in part (b)?


4. What is the present value of $10,000 received

a. twelve years from today when the interest rate is 4% per year;

b. twenty years from today when the interest rate is 8% per year; and

c. six years from today when the interest rate is 2% per year?


5. Your brother has offered to give you either $5,000 today or $10,000 in 10 years. If the interest rate is 7% per year, which option is preferable?


6. Consider the following alternatives.

i. $100 received in 1 year

ii. $200 received in 5 years

iii. $300 received in 10 years


a. Rank the alternatives from most valuable to least valuable if the interest rate is 10% per year.

b. What is your ranking if the interest rate is only 5% per year?

c. What is your ranking if the interest rate is 20% per year?



8. Your daughter is currently 8 years old. You anticipate that she will be going to college in 10 years. You would like to have $100,000 in a savings account to fund her education at that time. If the account promises to pay a fixed interest rate of 3% per year, how much money do you need to put into the account today to ensure that you will have $100,000 in 10 years?


9. You are thinking of retiring. Your retirement plan will pay you either $250,000 immediately on retirement or $350,000 5 years after the date of your retirement. Which alternative should you choose if the interest rate is

a. 0% per year;

b. 8% per year; and

c. 20% per year?


14. You have been offered a unique investment opportunity. If you invest $10,000 today, you will receive $500 1 year from now, $1,500 2 years from now, and $10,000 10 years from now.

a. What is the NPV of the opportunity if the interest rate is 6% per year? Should you take the opportunity?

b. What is the NPV of the opportunity if the interest rate is 2% per year? Should you take it now?


36. You are thinking of purchasing a house. The house costs $350,000. You have $50,000 in cash that you can use as a down payment on the house, but you need to borrow the rest of the purchase price. The bank is offering a 30-year mortgage that requires annual payments and has an interest rate of 7% per year. What will your annual payment be if you sign up for this mortgage?


37. You would like to buy the house and take the mortgage described in Problem 36. You can afford to pay only $23,500 per year. The bank agrees to allow you to pay this amount each year, yet still borrow $300,000. At the end of the mortgage (in 30 years), you must make a balloon payment; that is, you must repay the remaining balance on the mortgage. How much will this balloon payment be?


38. You have just made an offer on a new home and are seeking a mortgage. You need to borrow $600,000.

a. The bank offers a 30-year mortgage with fixed monthly payments and an interest rate of 0.5% per month. What is the amount of your monthly payment if you take this loan?

b. Alternatively, you can get a 15-year mortgage with fixed monthly payments and an interest rate of 0.4% per month. How much would your monthly payments be if you take this loan instead?


*A.1. This problem is from the Appendix to Chapter 4.

Your grandmother bought an annuity from Rock Solid Life Insurance Company for $200,000 when she retired. In exchange for the $200,000, Rock Solid will pay her $25,000 per year until she dies. The interest rate is 5%. How long must she live after the day she retired to come out ahead (that is, to get more in value than what she paid in)?


Top of Form



Discuss if the following instrument is negotiable: ninety days after today I promise to pay Sarah J two thousands dollars Signed: Peter K

Watch the following movie.


  Harry and Tonto (1974)

Rated R

115 min - Adventure | Comedy | Drama

Description: When his apartment building is torn down, a retired lifelong New Yorker goes on a cross country odyssey with his beloved cat Tonto.

Director: Paul Mazursky

Writers: Paul Mazursky, Josh Greenfeld

Stars: Art Carney, Ellen Burstyn, René Enríquez 

You have the freedom to view this movie by any means you have at your disposal. You may want to watch it as a free Streaming video on Netflix – just sign up for a free 30 day trial of Netflix and cancel your membership before 30 days expire: http://movies.netflix.com/WiMovie/Harry_and_Tonto/60010427?sod=search-autocomplete

Note: This movie is rated R: It has strong sexual language and vulgarity. If you want to watch a different movie please contact the instructor.

Final Project Instructions

This project is intended to tie together all that you have studied during this course. Write a four to five page paper that incorporates the content of this class with the information gleaned from the movie, Harry & Tonto.

For example as you watch the movie do you see any examples of ageism, myths of aging, or examples of attitudes toward aging? If you do see examples of these concepts then write about the examples and explain the concepts.

You can write about any suggested idea about theories of aging that the movie might suggest. Basically you should review the writings of each week and then look for content from the course and explain the course content in light of the movie.

You may note the one of the outcomes of this course is, “To develop a healthy perspective on one’s own aging and one’s role in aging families and societies.” You could write your entire paper developing concepts about one’s own aging and role. There are plenty of family members and younger people in the movie that will help you craft this venue if you should choose to write from this perspective.

Write a four to five page paper, not including the cover and resource page that includes:

A minimum of ten concepts noted with citations from the course material and applied to the characters in the movie. Some of the topics you write about might only be implied or spoken about in the movie but not seen.

Citations can come from the course materials or research you have done.

No only should you give detail of the movie that illustrations the point you are making, but also make sure you explain the concepts from the course that you are applying to the movie.

The paper should have an introduction and a conclusion. Please write the paper so that it flows easily through the topics you want to discuss.

The paper should give a glimpse of all that you have studied during this course.

Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research.

what was the significance of the french supporting the Americans and giving them Aid through the American revolution?



As you know when two arrays have been declared with the same data type, one array can be assigned to the other. The assignment statement would look like this:

Dim firstArray() As Integer

Dim secondArray As Integer

firstArray = secondArray

This results in the two arrays sharing the same portion of memory. Can you picture this? How can the two arrays share the same memory? Think about how this would work and give your description of it.

Explain how reduced effectiveness of DNA repair can contribute to the devlopment of cancer






Describe trisomy and monosomy, two chromosomal conditions found in humans. Include examples as you describe each condition and how it occurs. Note: When you describe how each condition occurs, make sure to begin with gamete formation.

Compare and contrast crossing over and translocation.

Gene A crosses over 16.5 percent of the time with gene B. Gene B crosses over 4.5 percent of the time with gene C. Crossing over occurs 21 percent of the time between gene A and gene C. 1) List the genes in the correct order. 2) Describe the relative distances between them. 3) Explain how you arrived at your answers.