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Question 1


1.    When applying overhead to products in an activity-based costing system:




Cash or a liability is debited and Manufacturing Overhead is credited.



Manufacturing Overhead is debited and Cash or a liability is credited.



Manufacturing Overhead is debited and Work In Process is credited.



Work In Process is debited and Manufacturing Overhead is credited


Question 2


1.     Matt Company uses activity-based costing. The company has two products: A and B. The annual production and sales of Product A is 8,000 units and of Product B is 6,000 units. There are three activity cost pools, with estimated total cost and expected activity as follows:



                          Expected Activity

Activity Cost Pool

Estimated Cost


  Product B



Activity 1

 $     20,000





Activity 2

 $     37,000





Activity 3

 $     91,200






2.    The cost per unit of Product A under activity-based costing is closest to:

















Question 3


1.    Departmental overhead rates may not correctly assign overhead costs due to:




 the use of direct labor hours in allocating overhead costs to products rather than machine time or quantity of materials used.



the high correlation between direct labor-hours and the incurrence of overhead costs.



overreliance on volume as a basis for allocating overhead costs where products differ regarding the number of units produced, lot size, or complexity of production



difficulties associated with identifying cost pools for the first stage of the allocation process.




Question 4


1.     Vex Corporation manufactures a variety of products. In the past, Vex had been using a traditional overhead allocation system based on machine hours. For the current year, Vex decided to switch to an activity-based costing system using machine hours and the number of inspections as measures of activity. Information on these measures of activity and related overhead rates for the current year is as follows:



Estimated Activity

Predetermined Overhead Rate

Machine hours




 $ 8.00

Number of inspections







Job #812 for the current year required 15 machine hours and 2 inspections. Would this job have been overcosted or undercosted under the traditional system and by how much?




undercosted by $36



 undercosted by $44



overcosted by $80



 undercosted by $80




Question 5


1.    Even departmental overhead rates will not correctly assign overhead costs in situations where a company has a range of products that differ in volume, lot size, or complexity of production.








Question 6


1.    In activity-based costing, a separate activity rate (i.e., predetermined overhead rate) is computed for each activity cost pool by dividing the estimated overhead cost in the activity cost pool by the total expected activity for the activity cost pool.







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Part 1 of the feasibility study requires you to identify the NAICS code of your proposed business concept. As mentioned in this week’s learning unit, the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) provides not only a system to classify your business but also provides valuable industry information and data, which is an invaluable tool to a startup or existing business. In this discussion thread, you will practice using the NAICS site and discuss your findings with your classmates as presented in Skill Module 7.2 (Katz & Green, p. 190).
What is your NAICS code?  See Katz, p.190.  Please go to the updated site: In the text box that says “enter keyword” enter the name of the industry that best describes the industry in which your proposed business idea is located.  You should end up with a 6 digit code for the industry in which your business will be located.  If you are not sure of your industry, it may take some experimentation.  See examples in Skill module 7.2.  
Once you locate your NAICS code, go and click on “economic census.”  Once you are in “economic census” enter your NAICS code and look for data related to your industry. 
Find and share at least three pieces of information about your industry that are available at this cite such as number of establishments, annual revenue, trends, etc.  Also refer to Table 7.1 on page 200 for additional information and ideas.
For your convenience, I am also attaching a table with the NAICS structure and numbers.

Question 5-1

Problems 5-1, 5-4, 5-9, 5-13

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Prepare a 1,050 to 1,400-word paper in which you analyze the effect of the conference on the annual operating plan for Baderman Resort, based on your service delivery model.  Based on your analysis, recommend strategies to increase the profitability of the conference center for Baderman Resort.