Topic: How Brain Damage Impacts

Human Behavior

Your post on the topic listed above should be based on your informed knowledge from the text book material and the "case" you find.

Gather one recent example (within the last 3 years) of a case about brain damaged person and how the specific area of the brain that was damaged impacted the person's behavior.

1. Briefly summarize the important elements of the case you've found. The case can be from a newspaper, magazine, web source, etc. Identify the source from which your example is taken (e.g., if from the web provide the link).

2. Relate the case you have found to relevant material found in the text book (i.e., integrate the text information). Explain the area of the brain that was damaged and what its functions are. You should make specific references to the text book, for example, Carlson et al. state that...(2010, p. 141).

3. Do not use examples/cases found in the text book or the study materials. Do not use fictional cases (no movies, TV shows, etc.).

4. Do not use journals or other text books - find a "real world" case to discuss.

5. Provide the weblink or reference for the example that you have found.

You will be evaluated on the quality of the content of your posting as well as your response to the postings of others. Your points should be insightful, well-written, and based on the theory/research presented in the text. These are not merely opinion questions. Simple agree or disagree responses will not receive a passing grade.

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