This assignment is designed to integrate the reflection of personal experience and the information covered in the textbook. Assuming you are Ludmilla responding to a recent email from Juanita, answer the following questions:

  • Besides cultural differences, what other factors might affect human resource management with this international office?
  • What abilities will help Juanita succeed and potentially fail in this assignment as an expatriate?
  • What has been the reason for the high failure rate of expatirate managers in Uzbekistan? What can Ludmilla do to increase the success of expats?
  • Since Uzbekistan has been significantly influenced by Russia for over 70 years, from Hofstede’s perspective, what impact has culture had on appraisal systems, self- managing teams, and systems for gathering suggestions from workers?

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Derma Care is owned and operated by Marilyn McColley, the sole stockholder. During 

February 2013, Derma Care entered into the following transactions:

a. Marilyn McColley invested $30,000 in Derma Care in exchange for capital stock.

b. Paid $7,200 on February 1 for an insurance premium on a 1-year policy.

c. Purchased supplies on account, $1,200.

d. Received fees of $43,500 during February.

e. Paid expenses as follows: wages, $8,000; rent, $2,500; utilities, $1,000; and miscellaneous, $850.

f. Paid dividends of $5,000.

Record the preceding transactions using the integrated financial statement framework. 

After each transaction, you should enter a balance for each item.


Warren, Carl S. (2012-02-03). Survey of Accounting (Page 115). Cengage Textbook. Kindle Edition. 


.Tutor who understands GASB and GAAP accounting only ? This is a governmental and non for profit accounting course. 1 hr quiz

You will analyze (in about 500 words for each speech )three speeches during the quarter form television,the web or in person (as the occasion allows) .We'll discuss good sorces for speeches in class, but one of the best is,

6 short answer essay questions. Has to be about 1 page each, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman font.


Each short answer essay has to cite sociological articles that I PROVIDE YOU WITH. This is very important. Each set of essay questions will have an certain article that has to be used! I will provide you with these articles.