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contact me on Mrk, Law,HRM, Finance/Econ
As a teacher, a very committed person to her work. As a person a very reliable and understanding person.
Bachelor of Commerce-FINANCE/ACCA and Law
5years teaching experience in high school and has been working as an on-line tutor for 5 years now, having enough experience and expertise.If you have any problem that needs to be solved or having difficulties with your assignment, feel free to contact me, i will always offer an assisting hand to any student and at a fair price.

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gd.eis: great essay but grammar needed a lot of revising! thank you!Question
sherib: O will not use again cause me to fail a class my non compliance of work very dissapointedHandshake
amiche: Horrible! I provided instruction with my assignment and a time that I need my assignment back and my assignment was LATE AND I RECEIVED a "C" on the paper. I pay my money to receive a good grade and not a C and to make it worst the paper was late. If I received a better grade and the paper was late I would have excused the late work, but to give me my paper late and score low is unacceptable, I pay for quality work and this was not quality. Handshake
sherib: Question
psi-psych23: Completely missed point of assignment. The individual in case study was way younger than indicated so diagnosis was way off. Painfully bad. Pay better attention to details in assignment next time.
SHIR15: You had given the same assignment to another teacher who failed you way before you told me to assist you. Never replied to my messages about the incomplete files and clarifications, i had to get some info. from your prev. post so if you want a perfect work please provide all the information needed.
mcdffi: The following files have been attached to your feedback The paper has a 36% similarity score. It needs to be 20% or less. -10%Handshake
Aac01121943: Great person to work with. shir15 cared to do the assignment right and it was turned in ahead of deadline. shir15 made sure to do the appropriate research. Very thorough. Thank you!Question
sherib: excellent work and on time !!!!!!Handshake
shela.1: Great Thank you before due time.....Thank youQuestion
CurlyMedo: Did an amazing job, followed all the instructions. Thanks a lotQuestion


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