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JReaves31: The paper was low quality and there were many mistakes I had to fix. The biggest mistake being that he didn't follow the rubric and added his own analysis instead of answering the rubric. Very disappointed by this. Will never get Neel again.
neel: Was low quality are u serious really?
Clay1203: Neel was outstanding to work with. He submitted quality work on time each and every time. I would recommend Neel to anyone and look forward to working with him again in the future.Handshake
corea7: is not well done, also it has a few errors if u are willing to pay for some thing that is not 100% well done, go on, he needs to recheck and corrected, some teacher will not really care if is well done, but mine did, it took me some time to fix it, and with the feed back of my teacher I got it now right, 100% free or errorQuestion
flyry80: As always, Great Work!Question
flyry80: Handshake
tommyb1972: grades not what I expected but believes this guy would have done well if this were another subject.Question
tommyb1972: Completed as instructedHandshake
squekk: This was exactly what I was looking for!! Gave me a terrific starting point!! Thank you so much!Question
rleis: Neel did an awesome job on the PowerPoint. He nailed it precisely as always. Completed the assignment well before due date with perfection!Question
malksa: the answer fill in with plagriarism be aware from this answer and this tutor,for reviw the answer you can visit this link for free it is posted there in study mode
neel: I really dont understand your problem. Firstly you said its your then you are saying its on studymode or etc etc. it can be on 100 places you bought it you can post sell, or resell any where i dont have a control so stop saying one story everyday

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