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tonyamallory15: Great job!Question
tonyamallory15: Thank you Neel for all the hard work! I hope we can work together again in the future classes. For everyone that has something to say about plagiarism, it's only 2 bucks to check it on this site. Thanks again Neel! Question
oshimili: Avoid this guy if you don't want to die of heart attack. All he does is copy and paste other people's work. He is an expert in plagiarism; if you use him, you are doing so at your own peril.
neel: Right right you really know how to mould things as per your convenience
oshimili: Neel: How dare you say I mould things for my convenience? You are a scam. All you do is copy other people's work and sell it. DO NOT use Neel. He engages in plagiarism and the minimum similarity score he will fetch you is 45-50%. Stay away from Neel! Neel is an expert in plagiarizing other people's work. New users on should stay away from Neel.Question
zhagxi: Please Never choose Neel. never response to my refund requirement. Doing the problem complete obey the requirement even if the instruction is super clear. Sent me a 100% useless word file after my due date, and the problem is required to do under excel. Please refund me, are you using the $40 to rise up your whole family? Really the worstQuestion
gg: Question
ChironOnlineC...: Grade of a 63%. Bogus. 19 out of 30. What a rip off.Question
polsguy: Neel told me he would have this to me by 6/4 and it is now 6/7 with no word from him at all. It is unfortunate that his work and reliability have degraded so much. I am demanding a refund!Handshake
tonyamallory15: Great Job!Question
jrel33: Question

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