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Rated 544 times


afnrse: This is poorly written and incomplete. Do not spend the money.Question
cjgibson: This is really not worth the money!!!Question
kag_v1: A good starting point, but completely insufficient.Question
jcsapp: Did not answer the questions for Case 6B. The essay is very poor and does not meet page requirements or content requirements. The essay contains numerous grammatical errors and had multiple incorrect word usages. The first two paragraphs contain only ONE sentenance. This purchase was a complete waste of money. Question
cindom: Not one question on final was here. Wrong content. It was correct psy 110 final. Waste of moneyQuestion
sgm061: Very basic answers that didn't address all the parts of the question. Most notably missing is Q3 D. Nothing there, but I paid for all of it!Question
lisjoh: The answer to the question I paid for did not even meet the required numbers of words that are needed for this midterm. I found this to be a waste of money, time and wish I could take it back. Do not have time to try and get him to fix an incomplete paper. Will never come back to this site for assistance. Question
barett1: Corrected paper submitted 5starsQuestion
ari80: This guy usually does good work. He waited until my final paper to rip me off and submit a 12 hour late paper to me. I asked before paying if the paper would be ready before the deadline, he then said yes. I explained that my professor won't take any late papers. The paper was horrible and of course it wasn't any help to me. Be aware!Question
tcj196: good jobQuestion

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