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Finance & Accounting Tutor - Entire Course Dealer
Sincere and honest partner in your endeavor. I am accounting and finance senior technical professional, working towards climbing above and beyond the call of duty, aiming at total client-satisfaction. The main objective for me is to find projects where I can combine the knowledge, experience, and outstanding work ethics that I've already learned with some new techniques and problem solving approach. Ask me for all your ACCOUNTING assignments. Full course assistance for ACCOUNTING & FINANCE is also available at affordable prices.
MBA (Finance)
3 Years
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Canvas: Perfect!Question
sanfran: Really amazing writer, always on time, fast response, always there when she needed. Highly recommended. Handshake
johen: Handshake
johen: This person forgot about our conversation about things going through ok and there being no issues and told me it would be done on due date. Thank goodness I sent a message to check on things because I figured I would have had it an hour before due date time as asked during posting of question. This person thought they didn't have to comply with the contract because they forgot or said they were unaware of my order or agreement. Got my question answered on due date just not time that I submitted for it to be answered on time and had to remind them that it needed to be done. It also did not have in text citations so I could verify originality. Over all this person seemed very nice and did get the question to me on the day I needed just with a little stress on my end due to the time I needed it done by. Due to this this nice person is getting a low rating.. This person is continuing to message me about changing my review after repeatedly asking them to stop. This person keeps telling me my review is false and I need to change the review. so a word to the wise don't get on this teachers bad side because this person will message you until you do what they want. I am not sure how to get them to stop messaging me at this point.
Asma: Well, I got your intention of this bad rating now. I didn't message you for changing my review as I m always open to discuss issues and never afraid of negative ratings as my clients know my QUALITY and RELIABILITY.
Canvas: My FAVORITE tutor on HWM. Highly reliable and has made so much easier for me to succeed. Will do business with any day!
Asma: Thanks for allowing me to serve you once again. Always pleasure to assist you.
many.b: Delivered as promisedHandshake
mheyes: Asma has to be one of the best here all assistance is always of great quality could not have asked for better assistance Question
mheyes: Great job Asma by far the best assistance I have received. Question
mheyes: Asma is a great tutor all assistance was provided in a timely fashion and work was A plus material. VERY PROFESSIONAL I will def use for any needs that I may have.Question
allhme: Very helpful!!! Good work!Question


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