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Mannie: Handshake
Mannie: Great job .... A++++++++++
Academia: Thanks for the kind words, I really tried to end this differently this time but in the process three of my guys had to pay for it. Lucky for us this was continuous work and we were on the final stages also I had the paper on my 4shared account as I traveled working during this period. regards
Mannie: Great job .... A+++++++++
Academia: Thanks, see you soon
Mannie: Great job... A++++++++
Academia: Almost didn't make it this time also but God is good!! Thanks for the review
christopher.: my homework is late. this person is usually good but i have not heard from him/her for weeks. my assignment was my final. now i have nothing.
Academia: Sorry bro, you know me........... I will make it up to you. I promise. I deeply Apologize!!
abil20: She/he didn't do my assignment and it already past the due.. i wouldn't not recommend this tutor!
Academia: He. Sorry abil20, you three guys just caught me at a bad time. check your PM as I explained. All the same I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Promise to deliver next time.
ugiim: As of right now the tutor is late, haven't come online for the last few days.
Academia: Hey ugiim, first impressions say a lot and this being our first time to work together I surely failed miserably on this one. Promise I am not like that and I will do better next time. Take care and I am really sorry
christopher.: awesome work as usual. my go to.
Academia: Thanks for the complement. Always glad to help.
Top_A: ACADEMIA YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I assigned Academia to do my Agile Techniques project. This was a very difficult project that requires 100% know-how. This was by no means an assignment that you could google your way to completion. I had 3 other tutors who ended up bowing out after a few days in because they were not sure what to do, yet Academia was confident and laughing about me stressing how hard this will be. He was not laughing in haste - HE CAME THROUGH MORE THAN I COULD HAVE POSSIBLY EVER EXPECTED. This project did not need to be no 70 pages long. But Academia put his all into it and made it 70 PAGES LONG!! There was not any rambling or unnecessary wording anywhere throughout the 70 pages. It was pure brilliance and solid all-around skill and know-how. Just an absolutely amazing job!!! Moreover, I had literally nothing to edit. His sentences were put together/worded perfectly! Every sentence flowed well. He is an amazing all around academic writer and KNOWS HIS COMPUTER SCIENCE/SOFTWARE/MARKETING SH*T!!! HE IS THE MAN! I am kicking him an additional $100 for this job. I have never seen such phenomenal work in all my life. This thing is a book! HIRE ACADEMIA! HE KNOWS HOW TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS AND DISPLAY HIS PROFESSIONALISM ON PAGES! THIS GUY IS BEYOND UNIVERSITY MATERIAL!! ALL-AROUND EXTRAORDINARY!!!!
Academia: I try bro................ I just try!
rande51490: This was great work looking forward to working with this writer again. 5/5
Academia: You are welcome again anytime, any day............... glad to be of service.

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