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Submitted by mirnda on Mon, 2012-04-23 19:08
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Submitted by Coloratus on Mon, 2012-04-23 19:43
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xxxx xx x xxxxxxxx linear function xxxx = x x xx x b
with a being xxxxxx xxx b xxx xxxxxxxxx with xxxxxxx
x x 1/2 x 0.5
x x xx
We can find x xxxxxxxxxx of xxxx equation xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx zero:
xxxx x 7 x 0
xxxx = x
x = 7*2 = 14
We xxx xxxx xxxxx is an intersect with x-axis: xxxxx 0).
In order xx xxxxx this xxxxxxxx we xxxx xx find another xxxxx xx xxxx line xxxxxxx xxx points. xx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx point M, xx xxxxxxx some xxxxxx value for x, xxx example: xx
x x f(4) = 1/2 * x - 7 = 2 x x x xx
xxx xx xxxx xxx points xxxxx 0) xxx xxxx -5) xxx xxx we can draw a xxxxx
xxx picture in attachment.

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