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Submitted by 1985man on Tue, 2012-08-07 21:38
due on Sat, 2012-08-11 21:29
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Write an Annotated Bibliography of Water Pollution, about the cause, effects and solutions of water pollution.

It must be at least 4 sources, Using APA Formatting, Times Roman, and double spacing


Submitted by mbitheh on Wed, 2012-08-08 05:45
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see attached

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Annotated xxxxxxxxxxxx


file1.docx preview (597 words)

Annotated xxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Devry xxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xx K. (2006). xxxxx pollution: Causes, effects and xxxxxxx. xxx Delhi: xxx Age xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The xxxx has 28 xxxxxxxx that cover almost all aspects xx xxxxx pollution including xxx history and xxx water xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxx details the various xxxxxx xx xxxxx pollution, agricultural products occupying x high xxxxxxxxxxx The use xx toxic organics xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx been xxxxxxxxxxx xx one of the primary xxxxxxx xxx death of xxxxxx life and xxxxxx be xxxxxxx xxxx immediate xxxxxxx xxx book xxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xx pesticides xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx chemicals in rivers. xxxxxxxx xxx authors xxxxxxxxx that xxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx be xxxxxxx xxx hence xxxxxx cases xx water xxxxxxxxxx

xx making xxx xx xxxx source, I was xxxx xx get the various xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx water xxxxxxxxx xxx determine xxxxx causes using the xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxx findings xx the book, the

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