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Submitted by rangerjoe on Wed, 2012-02-29 09:57
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would like some to do this assignment


Submitted by shahimermaid on Wed, 2012-02-29 11:57
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the answers are given

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Ans xx 85% marks

Ans 2) xxxx usual xxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx able study for 8 xxxxx xxx you xxxxxxx be able xx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx meal plan

xxx 3) equilibrium price xx xx and xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxx
c) At $5, quantity xxxxxxxx xx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is 10000 per xxxxxx xxxx surplus xxxx lead to xxxxxxxx xx of xxxxxxxxx and the xxxxxxxxx will decrease production and xxxx xxxx xxxx to unemployment. The xxxxx xxxx have xx xxxx till xxxxxx equals supply

d)At $2, xxxxxx xx more xxxx supply, xxxx will xxxx to xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxx dealer will charge more xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx

xxx xx
a) Demand for hot xxxxxxxxx will increase , xxxxx will increase.
b. x Demand for xxx chocolate will xxxxxxxx even if xxxxx is xx change xx price
xx The

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Submitted by mathwonder on Wed, 2012-02-29 11:08
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The answer is in the attachment

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Question x

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Question x


The opportunity cost is xxx 80 percent xxxxx xxxx x normally xxx xx economics xxxx

xxxxxxxx 2. Answer:

The xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx

xxx xxxxxxx job xxxx xxxx xxxx

xxxx xx xx 8 xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx

xxxxxxxxx to use my xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx

xxxxxxx 3. DEMAND xxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxx xx


xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xx


xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx is xxxxx


The xxxx be excess supply of the goods xxxxxxxxx which will lead xx x situation where xxxxx xxxx be decay xx xxxxx xxx xxxx competition xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of the products. Hence, the xxxxx of xxx xxxxx xxxx drop. There will xx deflation xx xxx xxxxxxx



There will xx inflation. So, the price of will xxxxxxxxx

Question 4.Suppose we xxx analyzing the market xxx hot chocolate

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