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Submitted by scocam on Wed, 2013-01-30 06:01
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Why, in your opinion, are dramas known as “plays?” Talk about a time in which you attended a play, musical or...

Why, in your opinion, are dramas known as “plays?” Talk about a time in which you attended a play, musical or opera—at a school, church or other public venue. Describe the experience: the sights and sounds, the mood of the audience, and the impact of seeing a drama performed on a live stage. Have you ever acted and/or sung in a dramatic presentation? If so, depict for your classmates what it was like to be up on a stage performing material from a script. If you have never performed dramatic material, have you ever desired to? Why or why not? Describe a favorite television show or movie in terms of its main characters, setting(s), basic plot, conflicts and themes. What makes it one of your favorites?

Submitted by kim woods on Wed, 2013-01-30 18:01
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Drama, music

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xxx drama xxxxxxxx

file1.doc preview (888 words)

Sur xxxx xxx xxxx xx MERGEFORMAT �1�

xxxxxxx’x Name

Instructor’s xxxx

xxxxxx Code

xxxx xxxxxxx 2012.

xxx xxxxxx music

xxx my xxxxxxxx dramas xxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxx ancient xxxxxx xxx xxxx drama xxxxx an act xx x deed. xx xx x xxxxxxxxxxx that covers xxxxxxx xx crisis, xxxxxxx conflict, and xxxxxxxxxxxx

In the other hand, x xxxx xx a type xx xxxxxxxxxx usually composed and xxxxxxx by x xxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxx It xxxxxxxx consists of characters xxxxxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx thus xx requires a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and understanding of xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx music concert. The xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx was a quartet made xx of; xxxx xxxxxxxxx who played the violin, xxxxxxx Kimmelman, xxx xxxxxx xxx piano, xxxxxx Daurov, xxx xxxxxxx xxx cello xxx Andy xxxx who xxxxxx the violin. xxxx xxxxx formed a xxxxxx xxxxxxxx This xx xxx xx the xxxxxxxxxxx xx the ensemble that xxxxxxxx xxx violins, a viola,

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Submitted by kim woods on Wed, 2013-01-30 17:21
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Drama, music

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During xxx xxxxxxxx I got to experience the superb outcome of the combination xx x xxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx a piano. xxx xxxxxxx were xxxx xx xxxx xxx required xxxxxx for x specific xxxxxx of xxxxx x xxx able to xxxxxx that while this xxx being xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xxxxx on xxx xxxxx xxxx played x xxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxx role in xxx xxxxxxxx It served xx xxxxxx xxx piano’s bass line.  This is an xxxxxxxxxxx approach xx xxxxxxxxx music xxxxxxxxx xxxx Haydn’s time. This xx xxxxxxxx there xx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx sonority of xxx day. The xxxxx was a xxxxxx instrument during Haydn’s time and xxx reinforced xx the xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx by the xxxxx instruments being used xx xxx xxxxxxxxx

The stage was xxxxxxxx in a xxxxxx that xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx to get x full xxxx xx the ensemble as well xx xx allow xxx xxx proper xxxxx transmission to xxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxx group xxxxxxx x xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xx them xx xx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx

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file1.doc preview (887 words)

Sur name � PAGE xx MERGEFORMAT �1�

Student’s xxxx

xxxxxxxxxx’s Name

Course Code

23rd xxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxx Drama, music

In my opinion, dramas xxx not known as xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to the xxxxxxx Greek, xxx word xxxxx xxxxx xx xxx or x deed. xx xx a xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx covers xxxxxxx of crisis, action, xxxxxxxxx and atmosphere.

xx the other xxxxx a play xx x xxxx xx literature usually composed xxx xxxxxxx xx a playwright, xxx performed in a theater. It normally consists of xxxxxxxxxx interacting xx x xxxxxxxx manner, xxxx it requires a thorough xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx of the conversations.

x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx a classical xxxxx xxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx a quartet xxxx xx of; xxxx Peskanov, who xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx piano, xxxxxx xxxxxxx who xxxxxxx xxx cello xxx xxxx xxxx xxx played xxx violin. xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx a xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx ensemble that xxxxxxxx two violins, a xxxxxx

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