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Submitted by jennie.h97 on Tue, 2012-03-20 14:19
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why do muslims have 99 names for allah?

why do muslims have 99 names for allah?

Submitted by fhfhtoto on Tue, 2012-03-20 20:44
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because each name explains a character in Allah , as الخالق ( the creator ) , الرحمن ( god the mercy ), الغفار: ( god who forgives ) .. look at your hands palm you will find out that the left one is...

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xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx a xxxxxxxxx xx Allah , as xxxxxxxxxxxx ( xxx creator x , xxxxxxxxxxxx x god xxx xxxxx xx الغفار: x xxx xxx forgives ) .. look at your xxxxx xxxx xxx will find xxx xxxx xxx left one xx written on xx x 81 x xx arabic xxxxx is (٨١) and xx your xxxxx hand xxxx xxx will find xxx number x 18 x xxxxx xx (١٨).. when you sum them xx xxxx xxxx xx xx xx so also when xxx xxxx to xxx and raise xxxx hands xx x xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx which xxx xxx names x xxx that's xx one of xxx miracles xx xxxxxx

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