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Submitted by tori_dance14 on Sun, 2012-03-25 21:56
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what are the limitations of the fossil record

what are the limitations of the fossil record

Submitted by humblejeff on Mon, 2012-03-26 05:16
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xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx x guaranteed occurrence. The conditions xxxxxxxx xxx x xxxxxx to xxxx include x quick xxxxxx xx xxx material, xx environment free xx decay organisms xxx x stable area xxxxx undisturbed for a long period xx time.

These conditions xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxx or xxxx occur xx xxxxxxxxx time xxxxxxxxxx As x result, xxxx xxxxxxxxx have xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx creates xxxx xx xxx xxxxxx record.
1. Proper xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx on chance xx most xxxxxxxx and geological xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx the formation xx fossils, xx fact xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx is x rare xxxxxxxxxxx

xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx being formed, may xx eroded by geological xxxxxx over x xxxx xxxxx

3. xxxxxxx may be carried far xxxx from their places of origin.

4. The discovery of xxxxxx sites xx xxxx xx xxxxxxx

4. xxxx fossils xxx inaccessible xx scientists.

5. Organisms xxxx shells, xxxxx xx xxxxx are xxxx likely to xx preserved than the xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

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