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W4 short answer essay

Langston Hughes; Choose two poems from the Hughes selection, and compare/contrast an element of your choice.  should be at least one-half page or 175 words in length.


My People”

  • “The Negro Mother”
  • “The Weary Blues”
  • “Still Here”
  • “Minstrel Man”
  • “The Dream Keeper”
  • “Mother to Son”
  • “Juke Box Love Song”
  • “Jazzonia”
  • “A Dream Deferred”
  • “I, Too”
Submitted by mbitheh on Wed, 2012-08-08 02:47
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see attached

body preview (9 words)


xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx and “The weary xxxxxxxx

file1.docx preview (222 words)

xxxxxxxx HUGHES 2

xxxxxxxxxx in “My xxxxxx” and “xxx weary xxxxx”



“xx people” xxx “xxx weary xxxxx” are xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx by Langston Hughes. The readers xxxx the xxxxx poem to xx xxxxxxxx xx xx talks xxxxx xxx Jazz age and xxxxx the xxxxxx xxxx x xxxx xxxxx xx the early 1900 xxxxxxx xx xx x xxxxxx when xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx were very cynical xxx xxx a negative xxxxxxxx towards xxxxx xxxx had the xxxx xx xxxxx as xxxxxxxxx the painful moments xx the xxxxx war xxxxxx xxxx their xxxxxxx The third xxxx xxxxx the xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx in the society xx that time xxxx xxxxxxx says “x heard x Negro xxxx” (3).

“xx xxxxxx” xx the other hand xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxx xx America. Hughes makes xxx xx imagery and xxxxxxxx to xxxxxxxxxx xxx point xxxxx than stating xx xxxxxxxx He xxxx xxxx the details xx black xxxxxxx xxxxxxx how xxxx had x logical xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx them to the xxxxxx that xxxxx in the xxxxx According to xxxx

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