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Two online courses

Week 1 and 2 are completely done. Week 3 is partially done. 6 more weeks of work to be done for each class.

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There are also certain risk factors that may increase an individual’s likelihood of getting cardiovascular diseases. These are high blood cholesterol, smoking, lack of exercise, excessive stress and being obese. Some of the symptoms of cardiovascular

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Running head: xxxxxxxx OF xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx SYSTEM � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT �1�

xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx System




xxxxxxxx of xxx Cardiovascular System

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx refers xxx to one type of ailment but to xxx xxxxxxx types of xxxxx or blood xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx etiology that xxx include angina, xxxxx xxxxxxx stroke, xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx heart xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxx more conditions x The most xxxxxxxx causes of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx are diabetes, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx heart muscle xx valves, xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx damage xx xxx heart xxx arteries due to xxxxxx bacterial, xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx Other xxxxxx also xxxxxxx rheumatic fever xxx genetic disorders where enzymes affecting cardiac function are dislocated xx cellular proteins in the heart muscle xxx thrown into disarray. There are xxxx xxxxxxx risk xxxxxxx xxxx may increase an xxxxxxxxxx’s likelihood of xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx These are high xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx smoking, xxxx xx exercise, excessive stress xxx xxxxx xxxxxx

x xxxx of the xxxxxxxx of cardiovascular diseases xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx palpitations, xxxxxxxx and diastolic xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx to xxx

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