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symdad on Thu, 26 Jul 2012
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two 500 word questions based on intro to politics

questions should be supported by book as well. online book..there is an online sample of book that leaves out pages occationally.


chapter 8 and 9 questions,

chapter 8.The public sphere presumes a marketplace of ideas, where numerous interests and points of view compete for attention. But what if the mass media are largely in the hands of a few narrow interests? By the early 21st century, just a handful of corporations controlled a dominant share of the mass media industry in the United States, so it seems fair to assume that those corporations could hold a few narrow interests. If control of the news media belongs only to a specific few, what prevents them from censoring or distorting information that harms their interests? Discuss the importance of a free press in terms of a "marketplace of ideas," then discuss the dangers and possible implications of private control.

chapter 9.

Two of the core democratic values - popular sovereignty and majority rule - are particularly pertinent to the topic of public opinion. Popular sovereignty means that the highest source of political authority is the will of the people. Majority rule means that the government follows the course of action preferred by most people. How is it possible to add up the disagreements and different attitudes about all the issues facing the country into a clear expression of the people's will? Make an argument for public opinion polling as the means to measure the preferences of the majority. Be sure to consider alternative views to your argument and address the implications


please base answers on book to best of ability. 


" In your post I look for demonstrated familiarity with the course content, synthesized understanding, critical analysis, and most importantly your original thinking. Your post is worth five points. You grades should reflect the quality of your work along these criteria. As a general guideline, your post should be about 500 words. It is an open note, open book test, and you are required to work on your own independently. Let me know should you have any questions and please list all the references, including the textbook, academic books and journals, and any online resources, at the end of your post." teachers directions on each question 


 have each question in 2 seperate atachments .


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x xxxx xxx xxxx press is xxxxxxxxxxx xx terms of a “market place xx ideas” xx xxxx ways. One of the major factors xx x xxxx press xx to xxxxxx that xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxx xxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xx xxx government xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx citizens. Citizens have the xxxxx xx xxxx the government accountable for xxx xxx that is xxx xxxxxxxx xxx public. xx addition, xxx press xxxx xxx administration in xxx xxx of xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx x free press, social equality xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxxxx consumption are xxxxxxxxxxx because xxxxxxx xxxxx have xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx information.

file1.doc preview (700 words)

Insert xxxxxxx xxxx xxx PAGE xx MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxxx






xxx Questions


xx free xxx xxxx xxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxx xx terms xx x “xxxxxx place xx ideas” xx xxxx xxxxx One xx the xxxxx xxxxxxx of x xxxx press is to ensure that xxxxxxxxxxxxxx represent the public appropriately. The press xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx the government propaganda xx xxx citizens. Citizens have xxx power xx xxxx xxx government accountable for xxx xxx that xx not xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx addition, xxx press xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx in xxx eye of xxx normal people. Without a xxxx press, xxxxxx xxxxxxxx cannot function xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx shifts xx xxx xxxx media consumption are significant because diverse media xxxx capabilities to xxxxxx information. The xxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx xx xx xxxxxxx the citizens to government, and government to citizens. xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx is achieved because it xxxxxxx the truth xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx Mass

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