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Submitted by sompon123 on Fri, 2012-06-22 16:32
due on Mon, 2012-06-25 16:28
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Translation Exposure And Economic Exposure

Submitted by neel on Tue, 2012-06-26 17:41
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here u go..........

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xxxxxxxx x
xxxxxxx Rate xxxxxx
Avanti Media
xxxxxxx xxxxx
xx at 31st Dec xxxx
xxxxxx in Euroxxxxxxxx Rate xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx in Euro xxxxxxxx xxxxAmount in $
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Payablexxxxxx 1.22 xxxxxxx
Accounts Receivablexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx & xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx1.22 2196000
xxx xxxx London Pound 100000
Inventory25000001.223050000xxxx xxxx Debtxxxxxxx 1.222318000
xxxx from xx150000
xxx xxxxx & xxxxxxxxx5800000 1.227076000 Loan from London Pound 350000
xxxxxx xxxxx 1100000 xxxx 1001000
Retained xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
xxx Account341000
12900000 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Statement
xxxxxx xxxxxxx Exchange xxxxAmount in x
Domestic xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Export xxxxx xxxxxxx 1.14xxxxxxx
Direct xxxx 5400000 1.14 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx Operating xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1250000 xxxx 1424999.9999999998
xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PBIT5990000xxxx 6828599.999999999
xxxxxxxx xxxxxx1.14 xxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Tax xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx1.142319243.36
xxx 37782161.144307166.239999999
xxxxxxxxxxxx 340000 1.14 387599.9999999999
xxxx flow from Operation4118216xxxx4694766.239999999
xxxxxxxxxxxx Monetary xxxxxx
xxxxxx xxxxx
xxxxxxx Sheet
xx at 31st Dec xxxx
Amount xx xxxx Exchange xxxxxxxxxx xx x xxxxxx xx Euro Exchange RateAmount in x
xxxx xxxxxxx 1.22 1830000Accounts xxxxxxxxxxxxx1.22xxxxxxx
Accounts xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 1.22xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx Loan & xxxx Payable xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx
Due xxxx London xxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLong Term Debtxxxxxxx 0.91 xxxxxxx
Loan xxxx US xxxxxx
xxx xxxxx & Equipmentxxxxxxxxxxx5278000Loan xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

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