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Submitted by jdlsko on Fri, 2013-05-17 12:00
due on Sun, 2013-05-19 12:02
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Translate a essay, make it simple, because I'm not that good at spanish. -use 10+ different present tense verbs(regular -ar/-er/-ir,stem changers,...

Translate a essay, make it simple, because I'm not that good at spanish. -use 10+ different present tense verbs(regular -ar/-er/-ir,stem changers, "yo" irregulars, etc.) -Use 10+ different preterite tense verbs -Use 40+ vocabulary words from chapter 5-8 (travel, vacations, months, seasons, weather, clothing, shopping colors, daily routine, personal hygiene, time expressions, food, verbs, adjectives, adverbs. The essay is: My name is Jan. I will tell you a couple of stories. One of my favorite sports is Soccer, and I usually am a goalie. The funny thing about it is that I always got hit by the soccer ball in the most painful places, and because of that I made my friends laugh. Afterward they would help me out and ask me if I was okay, it made me happy. The weird thing is that the only memories from soccer I have, are the funny things that happened during practice, and when someone did something awesome. I don't remember every game we won or how many we lost. Only the fun things that happened between me and my friends I can remember. Another sport I do is Skateboarding. There is a lot of pain involved with this sport, but I still love it. Me and my friends had a skateboarding team. We would just go around town trying to find some nice places to skate, and one day we found this nice set of stairs. I think there were about three or four steps. All my friends did a simple trick just to warm up but I wanted to be cool and I tried to do something complicated. When I was in the air trying to land the trick everything was perfect, but the next thing I know is when I land I hear this snapping sound, and I feel my front leg sliding forwards, my back leg is going behind me. I found myself doing the splits, and my board had scraped my legs. If the board hadn't broken everything would be fine. It is a memory that I will never forget.

Submitted by Assignment Ex... on Sat, 2013-05-18 01:25
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Me xxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx fútbol, y me xxxxx normalmente un xxxxxxxxxxx xx gracioso esto es que xxxxxxx xx conseguí xxxxx xxx la xxxxxx de fútbol en xxx xxxxxxx más xxxxxxxxxx x así que hice xxxxx a xxx amigos. Más tarde que me xxxx x xxxxxx y xxxxxxxxxxx si yo estaba bien, xxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xx cosa xxxxxxxx xx que la los xxxxxxx recuerdos xx fútbol xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx las xxxxx xxxxxxxxx que xxxxxxxxxx durante la xxxxxxxxxx y cuando xxxxxxx xxxx lo xxxx impresionante. No recuerdo cada partido xxxxx ganado x cuántos xxx perdimos. Sólo las xxxxx xxxxxxxxx que ocurrieron entre yo x xxx xxxxxx me xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxx yo hago es xxxxxxxxxxxxx Hay xxx gran xxxxxxxx xx dolor involucrado xxx xxxx deporte, xxxx todavía xx xxxxxxxx Mis xxxxxx x yo xxxxxx un equipo de xxxxxx  xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx por la xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx lugares agradables para patinar, y xx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx este xxxxxx

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Submitted by mathdebian on Fri, 2013-05-17 13:25
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Check please, if xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx contact xx xx



Mi xxxxxx xx Jan. Voy a contarles xx xxx de xxxxxxxxxx xxx xx xxx deportes xxxxxxxxx xx xx xxxxxxxx y por xx general soy xx portero. Lo curioso de xxxx es xxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx por xx xxxxxx xx fútbol xx los xxxxxxx más xxxxxxxxxx x por xxx yo hacia reír a mis amigos. xxxxxxxx xxxxx me iban a ayudar y xx pregunta si yo xxxxxx bien, esto xx hacia feliz. Lo extraño es que los xxxxxxx recuerdos xx fútbol que xxxxxx son xxx cosas raras xxx sucedieron xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx y cuando xxxxxxx hizo xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xx acuerdo xx todos los partidos que xxxxxxx o xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx las cosas xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx mi y mis xxxxxx puedo xxxxxxxxx

xxxx deporte xxx hago es Skateboarding. xxx xxx gran cantidad xx xxxxx involucrado con este xxxxxxxx pero aún así me encanta. xxx xxxxxx x xx xxxxxxxxx un xxxxxx xx skate. Nos íbamos xxx xx ciudad xxxxxxxx de encontrar xxxxxxx buenos xxxxxxx xxxx patinar, y xx

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