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Submitted by gcortez47 on Sun, 2012-07-22 01:33
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Suppose, in a study was conducted to see if receiving speeding violation and car phone use were independent. In this study, 755 drivers were surveyed. Out of 755, 70 had a speeding violation and 685 did not; 305 were car phone users and 450 were not.

                                                              Car phone user                            Not a car phone user                             Total:

Received speeding violation                    38                                                        32                                                  70

Did not received speeding violation        267                                                    418                                                685

Total:                                                               305                                                    450                                              755

Use a 5% level of significance, to see if receiving speeding violation is independent of car phone use?



- Draw graphs and charts when appropriate and necessary to demonstrate your reasoning! Label all graphs and charts!

- Display formulas. Write complete sentences to summarize your conclusions.

- If use any table values, clearly state which tables you used (e.g. Table A-2, etc.).

-Attach excel output when appropriate or necessary (e.g. a scatterplot, etc.)


Your work for all statistical hypothesis testing questions should include the following:

1. Established Ho and Ha.

2. Summary statistics (either computed or given in the problem)

3. The name of the test (e.g. 2sampleTtest or T-test about correlation, etc.)

4. A formula to compute a test statistic (e.g. 1Prop-Z test statistic, etc.)

5. A p-value of the test and/or a critical value from a statistical table.

6. Clearly state the decision rule you use the reach a conclusion. (You may have to sketch a graph to show rejection regions.) Do you “Reject Ho” or do you “Fail to Reject Ho”?

7. State your conclusion in plain language. Use complete sentences.




Submitted by StatSolver on Tue, 2012-07-24 12:26
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Please see the attachment for solution.

body preview (16 words)

Please xxx the attachment xxx solution. xx xxx need any xxxxxxx clarification please xxx xxx xxxxxxx

file1.doc preview (877 words)

xxxxxxxx xx x study was xxxxxxxxx xx xxx if xxxxxxxxx speeding violation xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxx independent. In this study, 755 xxxxxxx were surveyed. xxx xx 755, 70 xxx x xxxxxxxx violation and xxx did xxxx xxx were car phone users xxx xxx were xxxxxxx                                    

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.pdf preview (394 words)

Suppose, xx x xxxxx was conducted to xxx if receiving speeding violation and car phone use xxxx independent. In xxxx study, 755 drivers xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xx 755, 70 had a speeding violation and 685 did not; 305 were xxx xxxxx users xxx 450 xxxx not. xxx xxxxx user xxx a car phone xxxx Total: xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx xx 70 xxx not received xxxxxxxx violation xxx 418 xxx xxxxxx 305 xxx xxx xxx x xx xxxxx of significance, to see xx xxxxxxxxx speeding xxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxx of car phone use?


The xxxx xxx alternative hypotheses are Ho: xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx violation is xxxxxxxxxxx of car xxxxx use. xxx xxxxxxxxx speeding xxxxxxxxx xx xxx independent of car xxxxx xxxx Here, we xxx the Chi-Square xxxx for independence. xxx test xxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file3.xls preview (89 words)


Chi-Square Test
Observed xxxxxxxxxxx Calculations
xxx xxxxx userxxx a xxx phone xxxx xxxxxO-E
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx38 xx xx9.7219 xxxxxxx
Did not xxxxxxxx speeding xxxxxxxxxxxx418685 xxxxxxx9.7219
xxxxxxxx Frequencies
Car xxxxx user xxx a xxx xxxxx userxxxxx (O-E)^2/E
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx28.28xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx
Did not received speeding xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 0.2315
Total xxxxxx755
xxxxx of Significance 0.05
xxxxxx of Rows 2
xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xx Freedomx
xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
Chi-Square Test xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxx the xxxx hypothesis
Expected xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
xx xxxx

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