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Classified ads in the Ithaca Journal offered several used Toyota Corollas for sale. Listed 

below are the ages of the cars and the advertised prices. 

Age (yr) Price Advertised ($)

1 13,990

1 13,495

3 12,999

4   9,500

4 10,495

5  8,995

5  9,495

6  6,999

7  6,950

7  7,850

8  6,999

8  5,995

10  4,950

10  4,495

13  2,850


(a) Report the linear correlation coefficient value and comment on the form, the 

direction, and strength of association between the age of a car and the advertised 


(b) Report the equation of the least-squares regression line. Interpret the coefficients. 

(c) Report and interpret the value of the coefficient of determination. 

(d) Carry out a T-test about correlation ( H1:p≠0). Use a 5% level of significance.  



 Draw graphs and charts when appropriate and necessary to demonstrate your 

reasoning! Label all graphs and charts! 

Display formulas. Write complete sentences to summarize your conclusions. 

If use any table values, clearly state which tables you used (e.g. Table A-2, etc.).  

You may attach your excel output when appropriate or necessary (e.g. a scatterplot, 




Your work for all statistical hypothesis testing questions should include the following:

1. Established Ho and Ha.

2. Summary statistics (either computed or given in the problem)

3. The name of the test (e.g. 2sampleTtest or T-test about correlation, etc.)

4. A formula to compute a test statistic (e.g. 1Prop-Z test statistic, etc.)

5. A p-value of the test and/or a critical value from a statistical table.

6. Clearly state the decision rule you use the reach a conclusion. (You may have to 

sketch a graph to show rejection regions.) Do you “Reject Ho” or do you “Fail to 

Reject Ho”?

7. State your conclusion in plain language. Use complete sentences.

Submitted by shahimermaid on Wed, 2012-07-25 10:08
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the answer is solved in detail with diagram

body preview (0 words)

file1.docx preview (471 words)

xxxxxxxxxx xxx in xxx Ithaca xxxxxxx xxxxxxx several xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx for sale. Listed 

below xxx the ages xx xxx cars and the xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx 

xxx xxxxxx the xxxxxx correlation coefficient value and comment on the xxxxx xxx 

xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx association between xxx age xx a car and xxx xxxxxxxxxx 


xxx xxxxx of r= -0.98 xxxxx excel xxxxxxxxx xxx graph xxxx shows xx xxxxxxx relationship between xxx xxx price advertised. xx means as the age of car increases, xxx price xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx

The xxxx is xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx is opposite xxx xxx strength of association is xxxxxx inverse.

xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx regression line. Interpret xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx 



xx xxxxx

SD x= xxxxxxxx


- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by m.muzammil88 on Fri, 2012-07-27 02:11
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xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 

xxxxxx x year
y-axis = price
Correlation xxxxxxxxxxx

(cov(X,Y)/s.d X x xxxx
= xxxxx


equation xx xxx least-squares regression line
xx a+bX
a=meanY- x xxxxx


b= -.971x (3.263/3220.542)


a= 14285.9



xxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx



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