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Submitted by pasion on Wed, 2012-07-18 06:11
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state three points you would consider when choosing a seam?

state three points you would consider when choosing a seam?

Submitted by edwin kariuki on Fri, 2012-07-20 06:59
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POINTS TO xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx A SEAM

xx xxxx xx drape like xxx fabric the pattern was xxxxxxxx for? If you xxxx up xxx same xxxxxxx xx three xxxxxxxx like a slinky xxxxx x xxxxxx shirting, and x heavy xxxxxx xxx the pattern xxx xxxxxxxx for shirting, xxx silk will look xxxx xx xxx cut for a xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx than KMart, xxx the xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx will xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx x circus xxxxx Check xxx pattern envelope xxx fabric xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and xxxxxx something xxxx xxxxxx xxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2) Is xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx intended xxxxxxx and intended xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx work overalls xxx a xxxxxx out xx silk xxxxxx and you wouldn't make a xxxxxx xxxxxx out xx heavy wool flannel, nor x xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx of xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxx the xxxxxx to the

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