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Submitted by cadvad on Fri, 2013-10-04 02:17
due on Tue, 2013-10-08 02:00
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Should demographic regions play a role within an employee’s compensation? Why? What type of data is needed to determine an employee’s compensation? Explain your answer.

Please provide 150 words or more.

Submitted by indigo11 on Fri, 2013-10-04 02:32
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xxxxxxxxxxx regions play a role within an employee’s compensationxxxx xxx employment xxxxx xxxx xx each of xxx xxxxxxxxxxx region. Thexxxxxx xx data xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx to xxxxxxxxx xx employee’s xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx industry standards. It is very xxxxxxxxx that xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx to xxx xxx done xx well xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx they have acquired, xx the job or xxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx experience. It is xxxx very essential that there are xxxx xxxxx fixed xxx deciding the xxxxxxxxxxxx of a xxxxxx xx employee. This xx essential in order to ensure xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx policies xxx fair, just and treat all xxx xxxxxxxxx equally. xxxx would xxxx attain high levels xx motivation xxx xxxxxxxx xxx dissatisfaction xxxxxx xxxx an xxxxxxxx xxxxx that he xx not being paid xx much xx another employee. xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx a xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx as there xxx no xxxxx measures to xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx employee xxxxxxxxx It xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx that xxx compensation in an xxxxxxxxxxxx be based xx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx are xxxxxxxxxxxx to the employees and xxxx are xxxxx xx xx how their compensations xx salaries xxx xxxxxxx upon.

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Submitted by perfecto on Sat, 2013-10-05 07:25
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demographic regions

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xxxxxx find the xxxx done xxx xxxxxx

file1.doc preview (204 words)

Role xx xxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx compensation

Yes demographics xxxxxx should play a xxxx in xxxxxxxx compensation.

This is xxxxxxx the xxxx xx living xx x specific xxxx have x xxxx xx xxxx when it comes xx employee xxxxxxxxxxxxx For companies xx well as xxx xxxxxxxxxx jobs employee compensation xxx xxxxx based in expensive cities xx usually xxxxx xxx the government jobs xxxx is normally based xx job xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx based on the job xxxxx the pay xxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx the basis of living xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx that an xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx an expensive area will xxxxxx multiplier.

Additionally, due to market forces xxx companies are xx xxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx are forced to pay employee highly xxxxx most xxxxxx will not accept xxx cost. xxx xxxxxx why employee living in expensive xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx is because of xxx xxxx cost of living thus to maintain xxx same standard of xxxxxx as xxxxx in xxxx expensive areas xxxx xxx xxxx high. xxxxx the xxxx

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