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Submitted by xxsteffaniixx on Wed, 2012-07-04 18:29
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short casual responses

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Submitted by kingzero on Thu, 2012-07-05 01:34
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75 words How would you explain the difference between casual dining and fine dining? Fine dining involves a high class restaurant setting whereby the individuals involved such as the chefs or cooks are very professional and are certified people who have u

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Attached xx xxx answer for xxxxx


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75 xxxxx

xxx would you xxxxxxx the difference between xxxxxx dining xxx fine xxxxxxxx

Fine xxxxxx xxxxxxxx a high xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx whereby the individuals involved such as xxx chefs xx cooks xxx very xxxxxxxxxxxx and are xxxxxxxxx people xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxx xxxx part xx xxx dining xxx also more formal especially in their xxxxxxxx xx they xxxx xx xxxxx to the xxxxxxxx as opposed xx xxxxxx x xxxxxx form of xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx hand xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx parties may xxxx go for xxxxxx without xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx The cooks xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx are xxxx not necessarily professional xx xx xxx xxxx with fine xxxxxxx

75 xxxxxx

Fine xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx are expensive. I xxxx to xxxx at a xxxx xxxxxxx restaurant and I would have xxxx people xxxxxxxx xxxx the food xx xxx xxxxx the money. xxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xxxx’x xxxxx the xxxxx even though it xxx xxxxxx

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