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Anonymous on Fri, 15 Jun 2012
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Short answer questions on the canterbury tales

some short answer questions on the Canterbury tales- All answers should be in complete sentences, and should be completely original!. No plagiarism/ copying from online posts please! If you've read the tales then this will be some quick easy money for you :b Thanks!

I need this done as soon as possible like tonight sometime!

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here xxx go......................................

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The Merchant’x xxxxx

xx     xxxxxxx xxx negative attitudes xxxxxx women xxx xxxxxxx in xxxx poem. xxxx xxxxxxxx xxx provided to xxxxx–if any? What xx the Tales rating on xxx misogyny xxxxx and why?


At xxxxx xxxxxx The xxxxxxxxxx Tale comes xxxxxx as misogynistic. xxxxx are xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxx deceitfulness xx women, xxxx from xxxxxxxx when he advices xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx marriage xxx xxxxx from xxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx is openly deceitful and adulterous. However, xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx tale turns xxx quite differently. The merchant xxxxxx the woman as xx object, merely xxxxx xx satisfy xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx Therefore, xx will xxxxxx xxxxxx “blind” x x concept xxxx is xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx by xxx physical blindness.

2.     xxx xx xxxxx gods play xx xxxxxxxxx

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