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Scanner Project (Appendix Exercises)

1. Given the information provided for development of a product warranty project for periods 1 through 7, compute the SV, CV, SPI, and CPI for each period. Plot the EV and the AC on the PV graph provided. Explain to the owner your assessment of the project at the end of period 7 and the future expected status of the project at completion. Figure A13.1A presents the project network. Figure A13.1B presents the project baseline noting those activities using the 0/100 (rule 3) and 50/50 (rule 2) rules. For example, activity 1 uses rule 3, the 0/100 rule. Although the early start time is period 0, the budget is not placed in the time-phased baseline until period 2 when the activity is planned to be finished (EF). This same procedure has been used to assign costs for activities 2 and 7. Activities 2 and 7 use the 50/50 rule. Thus, 50 percent of the budget for each activity is assigned on its respective early start date (time period 2 for activity 2 and period 11 for activity 7) and 50 percent for their respective finish dates. Remember, when assigning earned value as the project is being implemented, if an activity actually starts early or late, the earned values must shift with the actual times. For example, if activity 7 actually starts in period 12 rather than 11, the 50 percent is not earned until period 12.






2. Given the information provided for development of a catalog product return process for periods 1 through 5, assign the PV values (using the rules) to develop a baseline for the project. Compute the SV, CV, SPI, and CPI for each period. Explain to the owner your assessment of the project at the end of period 5 and the future expected status of the project at the completion.

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body preview (854 words)


xxxxxx Report: Ending xxxxxx 1                
Task %Complete xx AC PV CV (EV-AC) xx xxxxxxx            
1 xx x x x x x            
Cumulative xxxxxx   x 3 0 x 6            
Status Report: Ending xxxxxx 2                
xxxx %Complete xx AC xx CV xxxxxxx xx (EV-PV)            
x xxxxxxxx 6 x x 1 0            
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx   x x 6 x x            
xxxxxx Report: xxxxxx xxxxxx 3                
Task %Complete xx xx xx CV xxxxxxx SV (EV-PV)            
1 - - - more text follows - - -

file1.xls preview (398 words)

xxxxxxxx x

xxxxxx Report: Ending xxxxxx x
Task %Complete EV ACxx CV xxxxxxxSV (EV-PV)
xxx6 xx x 6
xxxxxxxxxx Totals x 3 x x 6
Status xxxxxxx Ending xxxxxx 2
Task %Complete xx xx PV CV xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
x xxxxxxxx65x 1x
Cumulative xxxxxxxxx x0
xxxxxx xxxxxxx Ending Period x
Task%Complete xxxxPVxx (EV-AC)SV (EV-PV)
1Finished6x 6 1x
2 xxxxx xx1 x
xxxx 30xxx 25 xx
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 87xx xx 52xx
Status xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx 4
xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx ACPVxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx 656 xx
2 xx227 xxxx 2
3 xxxxx 10 15 x 2
450%13 8 xx x 3
xxxxxxxxxx Totalsxx xx 51 xx 7
Status Report: xxxxxx xxxxxx x
Task xxxxxxxxx EV ACPVxx xxxxxxxSV xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxx x6 10
2 xxx xx 8 20 xx 2
3 60%xx 12 xx 9x
4xxx15 xxxxx5
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx29 13
Status Report: Ending Period 6
xxxxxxxxxxxxx EVAC PVxx (EV-AC)xx xxxxxxx
x Finished6 xxx 0
x xxxxx 10xxx4
380% 18 xx xx27
xxxxxxxxxxx15 xxx0
Cumulative xxxxxxxx 46 xx xx 18
Status Report: xxxxxx xxxxxx x
xxxx%Complete xxACPVCV (EV-AC) xx (EV-PV)
1 Finishedx56 1 0
x xxxxxxxx2014 2014 x
3 Finished 152015 xx
4 xxxxxxxx25 xx 10 x 0
x 0% 2616 16xx10
x50%xx19 18 14 14
xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx12463 xxxx24
xxxxxxSPI CPI xxxx
1 1 1.2xxxxxxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

file2.doc preview (255 words)

xxxxxxxx and Performance xxxxxxxxxxx xxx Evaluation

(Work xxxx x – xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx for xxx development xx x warranty xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx x through x the SV, CV, SPI xxx CPI xxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx been calculated. Secondly, xxx xx and xxx xx xxxx xxxx plotted xx xxx xx graph.

My xxxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx at xxx xxx xx xxxxxx 7 xxx the future xxxxxxxx status of xxx project at xxxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxx by the look of xxxx xxx EV xxx the xx xxxxxxx The xxx CV, xxx and xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx indicated at the tables also xxxxxxxx the xxxx xxxx xxx SPI, xxx xxx PCIB at the xxx of xxx xxxxxxx period xxxxx xxxxx xxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx xxxx 2 – xxxxxxxx 2). xxxx information provided xxx xxx development of x xxxxxxx product return xxxxxxx for periods 1 through 5, the PV xxxxxx have xxxx assigned xxxxx the rules to xxxxxxx x baseline xxx the project. In xxxxxxxxx the SV, xxx xxx and CPI xxx each xxxxxx have xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Lastly, xxx xx xxx xxx xx have been xxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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