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Sampling Standard Deviation

Suppose that the average weekly earnings for employees in general automotive repair shops is $450, and that the standard deviation for the weekly earnings for such employees is $50. A sample of 100 such employees is selected at random.

Find the standard deviation of the sampling distribution of the means of average weekly earnings for samples of size 100.

Submitted by peter kamau on Thu, 2013-08-22 15:03
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Suppose xxxx xxx average xxxxxx earnings xxx xxxxxxxxx xx general xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx shops is xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx deviation xxx xxx xxxxxx earnings for such xxxxxxxxx is $50. x sample of xxx xxxx employees xx selected xx random.

xxxx the standard xxxxxxxxx of xxx sampling distribution of the xxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxx earnings for xxxxxxx of size xxxx


xxx mean xx xxx sampling distribution of the average xxxxxx earnings = 450

xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx distribution of the average xxxxxx earnings x xx x xxxxxxxxx x 5

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