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Ring wings

The following is a written assignment based upon the two attached articles. Your completed assignment should be 2-4 pages, double-spaced with all citations properly footnoted.

These articles have opposing views of the movement known as "tort reform". Summarize the respective positions and their strength and weakness. Has anything in the material changed your perception of tort reform?

The Right Wing's Drive for 'Tort Reform'

By Dan Zegart

October 25, 2004

The Nation

Tort Reform

Updated May 2006

Your Internet Guide to an Understanding of Policy Issues

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here x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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xx xxx United xxxxxx of America, xxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx sparked a revolution xxxx xxxx xxxxxx could. xx was an idea xxxx had never been perceived or executed xxxxxxx one that would xxxxxx America xxxx and xxxxxxxx xx was the possibility xx a xxxx world xxxxx the flow of xxxxx xxx xx be controlled xx xxx xxxxxxx A handful of corporations would xxxxx consumption xxx xxxxxxx The world would xxxxx be xxx same. And with that, started xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx of sectors in xxx xxx The xxxx xxxxxxxxx sector xxx xxx US banking sector. xxxxxxxxxxxx resulted xx the xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx securities and savings instruments which were xxxxx xx xxxxx It xxxx resulted in xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx was the Enron xxxxxxxx xx order xx understand how xxx capitalistic set xx and

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