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Submitted by blakmi on Mon, 2013-09-02 19:49
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Review the Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organization.

  • Develop Aggregate Production Plan, Master Schedule, and Materials Requirement Plans for electric fans based off the sales forecast. Be sure to include the following: 
  • Determine inventory requirements of the electric fans component parts and finished goods
  • Select appropriate inventory system (fixed order quantity, two bin method, etc.) to meet inventory requirements.

Submitted by praveensdataw... on Tue, 2013-09-03 08:02
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OPS/571 Riordan Supply Chain Design Week 4 : A+ WORK

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xxxxxxx xxxxxx Chain xxxxxx


xxxx 29, 2013

John Opinski





RIORDAN xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx


xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx is a worldwide xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx company xxxx employs xxx people xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx earnings xx $46 million xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2013). xxx company’x xxxxxxxx include xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx made in Georgia, custom plastic xxxxx produced xx Michigan, and plastic xxx parts produced in China. The subject xx xxxx paper is xx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxx’s xxxxxxxxxxxxx strategy, xxxxxx a process xxxx xxxxxxx xxx the electric xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx select two metrics to evaluate xxxxxxxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx and describe xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx paper xxxx xxxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxx xxxxxxxxxx principles, a xxxxxxxx forecasting technique xxx xxx xxxxxxxx fans, a sales forecast for electric xxxxx and an xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx

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Submitted by HappyFace on Tue, 2013-09-03 15:15
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xxxxxxxxx of team xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx employees xx create a xxxxx xx must xxxxxx individuals and xxxx xxxx with others xxxx xxxx get xxxxx xxxx xxxxx If otherwise, our xxxxx will not xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
  x xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx order xxx x xxxx xx be xxxxxxxxxxx xxx team members xxxxxx xx xxxx to trust xxxx xxxxx and xxxx xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx xxxx without x xxxxx xxx time. To build our teams trust, xxxxxxxx can xxxxxxx xxxx xxxx engage in trust xxxxxxxx exercises. xxxxx xxxxxxx a xxxx can also develop over xxxxxxxxxxxx building that xxx xxxxxx xxxx xx casual hang xxx outside xx the xxxx xxxxxx 
  x xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx Each xxxx xxxxxx xxxx identify xxx xxxxxxxxxx all project xxx team xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxx efficiently. xxx xxxxx should xxxxx identify together xxxxx objective and after xxxxxxxx on their final xxxxxxx xxx ultimate xxxxx xxx individuals xxxxxx that xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx and cooperate with each other xx work xxxxxxx xxxxx goal. 
  * xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx by creating

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