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Submitted by jamej2 on Sun, 2012-07-22 12:09
due on Thu, 2012-07-26 12:06
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Review the following information from the article “A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the New Orleans Flood Protection System” by Stéphane Hallegatte (2005): Hallegatte, an environmentalist, assigns a probability (p) of a Katrina-like hurricane of 1/130 in his c


Submitted by amyjhon2013 on Tue, 2014-12-23 22:35
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Module 5: Assignment —The Case For, or Against, New Orleans

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The Case For, or Against, xxx xxxxxxx

Throughout, this nation’s history there xxxx xxxx multiple xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx natural xxxxxxxxx have created xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxx appeared to xx xxxxx normal. Such xx xxx xxxx when xxxxxxxxx Katrina hit the port city xx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx or the “Big xxxx” as xxx xxxx is commonly known. On xxxxxx 25, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck a city xxxxx as major xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx destination for xxxx xx the 20th xxxxxxxx Despite xxxx xxx xxxx xxx high areas of slums and xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx the economy was considered somehow prosperous, but xxx xxx xxxxx to change. xxx xx xxxx presumed xxxxxxxxxxx happened the xxxxxx xxxxxx submerging xxxx xxxx 75% xx xxx xxxx in xxxxx xxxxxxx over xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx $81 xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx In addition xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx the lost xx xxxxx to xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx

The xxxxx struck xxxxxxxx xx xxx city of xxx Orleans, xxx xxxxxx failed xxx record level xxxxxxxx took over the xxxxx

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Submitted by neel on Thu, 2012-07-26 06:16
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Cost benefit analysis of Rebuilding New Orleans

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xxxx xxx go..............................................

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Rebuilding xxx xxxxxxxx


In order to protect xxx xxxx of xxx Orleans xxxx the disastrous impacts xx xxxxxx xx the future, we first xxxx xx xxxxxx xx a decision xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx a xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xx xxx city. xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx decision too xx xxxxx on assumption. This xxxxxxx xxxx xx xxxxx assumptions or xxx xxx of xxxx xx xxxxxxxx it xxxx xxxx xx a completely xxxxxxxxx xxx of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx normal xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx the situation based on xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx one xxx easily conclude that a xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx protection xx not xxxxxxxxx xxx once xxx start xxxxxx into consideration the xxxxxxx impact xx climate change on the possibility xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx environment, xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx disasters arising at xxx same time et al leads one to xxxxxxxx that x category 5 xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx is extremely xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx damage xxxxxxxxx by

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Running Head: REDEVELOPING NEW xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx NEW xxxxxxx � xxxx xx MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxx

Rebuilding xxx xxxxxxx

xxx Case For, or xxxxxxxx New xxxxxxxx

xxxx xx

The xxxx of xxx Orleans xx xxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxx bright economy xxxxx days and xxx investors xxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx on xx in xxxx which xx remarkable. The city now has plans xx xxxxxx the amount in xxxxx xx come xxxxx will xx adopted by the leaders xx the xxxx in xxxx xx xxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxx generating $11 billion xx xxx xxxx 2018 the city’s xxxxxxxxxxx Thus xxx due xx all this this xxxx has xxxxxx very xxxxxxxxx xx xxx because of its long history xxx it xx also very important xxx to the xxxxxxxxx wallop it has.

The xxxx xxxx xx xxxxxxxxx the US xxxx a xxxx opportunity xx tade in xxx exports and the sea xxxx xxx in xxxx the xxxxx xx xxx xxxx are very xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxx a greater xxxxxx xx xxx revenue which has xxxxxxxx even xxx xxxxxxx xxxx tourism.

xxxxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx

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