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Submitted by Sammy on Sun, 2012-05-06 18:14
due on Thu, 2012-05-10 18:12
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Research paper

I have a homework


8 pages

research paper

the topic is paternity leave

I want it to be as argument

with or against

up 2 u

and I need at lest 3 resources 2 books and one article

I need it after 10 days

Submitted by SHIR15 on Thu, 2012-05-10 13:42
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xxxxxxxx leave is xx employee benefit that provides paid or xxxxxx time off work to xxxx xxx x xxxxx or make xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxx child's xxxxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxx xxxxxxxx leave xxxxxxxxx a) Maternity leave, xx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxx adoption xxxxxx These leave offers job protection, xxx can be paid xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx on the xxxxxxxxx Often the xxxxxxx benefits are xxxxxxxxxx by law.

xx xxxx countries, xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx leave) is xxxxxxxxx xxx those xxx have xxxxxx xxx xxxxx current xxxxxxxx xxx a xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx time. xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx widely according xx the politics of each jurisdiction.

There xxx 3 different xxxxx of child xxxx policies xxxxxxx

1) xxxxxxxx leave policies- xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx employed prior xx xxxxxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xx remain xx home for x period of time so that xxxx xxx xxxx to xxxx for xxxxx xxx the xxxxxx

x xxx component xx x xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx xx should xx designed in xxxx x xxx

that xxxx the

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Submitted by SHIR15 on Tue, 2012-05-08 12:13
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xxxxxxxx xxxxx

Parental leave xx an employee xxxxxxx that xxxxxxxx xxxx or unpaid time off work to care xxx x child or make arrangements for the child's welfare. Often, the xxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxx includes;

a) Maternity xxxxxx

b) Paternity leave.

c) xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxx the minimum benefits are stipulated by xxxx

xx most xxxxxxxxxx paid xxxxxxxx leave (typically xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx available for xxxxx xxx have xxxxxx for xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx for a xxxxxxx xxxxxx of xxxxx National xxxx vary widely xxxxxxxxx xx xxx politics of xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx are 3 different xxxxx of xxxxx care xxxxxxxx namely;

xx Parental leave xxxxxxxxx Assists parents that are xxxxxxxx prior to giving birth xx order to xxxxxx at home for a xxxxxx xx xxxx so that they are xxxx xx xxxx for xxxxx xxx the child.

x key component xx x xxxx parental xxxxx policy is xxxx it xxxxxx xx designed xx xxxx x xxx

that xxxx xxx mother and the xxxxxx xxxx use it. xx it is only xxxx xx xxx mothers, it is xxx for


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