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Research online trading sites and DRIPS as outlined below, and summarize your findings. Make sure to include a summary table of the relevant information.

Finance 3 (B)


Week 3:


We will look at the use of stock in personal financial investments. You will evaluate the choices in purchasing stock via online brokerage accounts (where you can buy and sell stock via the Internet) and the use of dividend reinvestment plans (known as DIPs and DRIPs) or mutual funds or index funds. For online brokers, you will be looking for the requirements to open the accounts: costs, minimum balances, and other features. Because most DIPs or DRIPs are available from publicly traded companies, you can search their Web sites or a search engine on these plans and their requirements. Perhaps the most famous and useful Web site for these programs is Finally, we want you to compare and contrast online brokerage to DIPs and DRIPs.



Research online trading sites and DRIPS as outlined below, and summarize your findings. Make sure to include a summary table of the relevant information.


  1. Search three online trading sites, and determine the requirements for trading, including the price per trade. Compare and contrast the online trading companies. (2–3 pages)
  2. Search the Web for three companies (look for investor information) that offer DIPs or DRIPs. (2–3 pages)
  3. Compare and contrast the requirements, including minimum investments, nature of the return, costs, and other features. (1–2 pages)

Technical Requirements:


  • Total pages: 5–8
  • Double-space lines
  • Use a 12-point font
  • Use an APA style table to summarize each of the three parts above
  • You must submit your backup in Excel or other supporting documentation showing how answers were reached
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Online Stock Broking Company (offer DIPs or DRIPs.) and Comparison (***** 7 pages + APA Format + References *****)

body preview (10 words)

xxxxxx Stock Broking Company xxxxxx xxxx or xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx

file1._and_comparison_7_pages.doc preview (1578 words)

Online Stock Broking Company

Student Name:





1. Search xxxxx xxxxxx trading xxxxxx and determine the requirements xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx price xxx xxxxxx Compare xxx xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx trading companies.

There are specific things you xxxx xxxx to xxxxxxxx when you choose a stock brokerage. The xxxx xx trade commissions, xxxx of xxxx use, flexibility of the trade platform, access to investment research, xxx quality xxxxx execution xxx xxxx a few. Customer service, mobile xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx trading xxx xxxxxxxx

Three Online xxxxxxx sites:




xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx

Stock xxxxxxx offers xxxxxxx xxxxxxx types, xxxxxxxxx a cash xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxx enough cash in the account xx xxxxx transaction xxxx commissions, xxx two xxxxx of xxxxxx accounts: Reg T Margin and Portfolio xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx select an

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