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Submitted by shahimermaid on Tue, 2012-05-01 09:56
due on Sat, 2012-05-05 09:55
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Submitted by shahimermaid on Tue, 2012-05-01 09:57
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xxx xxxxxx x .17/2 x xxxxxx then xxxxxxxxx x xxxxxx xxxx xxxxx it 1.37
Q2) xxxxxxxxxxxx
p= (0.685 +0.821)/2= 0.753

xxx n=550, x=330, xxx xxxxxxxxxx
p xxx xxxxxxxx xxxx

xxxxxx xx error x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxx x sqrt xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxx xx xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx xxxx decimal xxxxxx as needed.)
Q4) xxxxxx xxxx , xxx xxxxxxxxxx
p xxx = xxx = 35/500 = xxxx

xxxxxx xx xxxxx = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = xxxxxxx

xxx x .0.00329 < p < .07 + .0.00329
xxxxx < p < 0.073
xxx Margin xx error: 0.05; xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx 90%; p and x xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx = xxxx xxxxxx xx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx are fulfilled,
xxx confidence xxxxx xx 99%, the xxxxxx size is xxxxxx xxx σ=15
E= xxxxx x xxxxxxxxx =3.519
Q7) xx 46 college graduates , xxxxx x, xx $69,500. xxx $18,975, xxxxxxxxx a 95% xxxxxxxxxx interval xxx estimating xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx

$ 64,015 <µ<$ 74,985(Round to the nearest integer as needed.)

Q8) Margin xx error: 0.2 inches, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 95%, σ=2.2 inches
N= xxxxx x 2.2/0.2)^2 = xxx
x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xx xxx requires x xxxxxxx xxxxxx size xx __.
xxx xxx point estimate xx xxx population xxxx xx is sample xxxx xxxxx xx xxxxxxx
xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx interval for xxx population xxxx xxx Mean= 136.3, xxxxx xxx xx
129.5 <µ<143.1 (Round to one decimal place as needed.)
xxxx n = (2.515 x xxxxxxx xxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx area=0.4505x 2 xxxx =90%
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx df xxxx 95%
z_(a/2)=1.96, area= xxxxxx x2 x xxx xxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx
Neither xxxxxx nor x xxxxxxxxxxxx applies.
xxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx

z_(a/2)=1.65 area=0.4505x 2 xxxx =90%
t_(a/2)=1.319 df=23, 90%
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 95%
xxxxxxxxxxxxx area x xxxxxx x xx xxxx 80%
Neither normal xxx x distribution xxxxxxxx No critical value
xxxxxxxxxx xx error = 1.44 X 5.1/√61 =0.9415
xxxxxxxxxx interval x 4 xxx 0.9415
3.0585 xxx 4.9415
Q)15 mean xxx xxxxxx xxxxx St deviation= xxxxx xxx 95%, z= xxxx
x xxxx xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxx xxxxxxxxxx interval xxxxxxxx of xxx mean pulse rate xxx males.
xxxx <µ<78.6

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