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public administration

1. Define public service culture and explain if public service motives are exclusive to the public sector 2. Explain why collaboration is important for effective public management in the 21st century 3. Identify the key decision makers in public agencies and explain why political appointees are interested in decisions that yield short time results or outcomes. 4. Briefly explain the concept of incremental choice as a core feature of decision making by public administrators 5. What is public interest and how can public interest be achieved by public administrators

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1x Define xxxxxx service culture xxx xxxxxxx xx public xxxxxxx motives xxx exclusive xx xxx public xxxxxx

xxxxxx service xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx sector xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx and xxxxxxxxx public service xxxxxxx additional xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx in business or industry. xxxxxx xxxxxxx motives are the foundation for xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxx service culture. They provide xxx foundation xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx and authorize xxx xxxxxxxx as xxxxxxxxxx of x democratic xxxxxx They xxx the podium from xxxxx public xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx their work. xxxx reinforce xxxxxx servants to xxxxxxx xxxx self-serving interests, xxxxx inertia, and xxxx avoidance. xxxx xxxxxx acts of xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxx in x distress xxx the common xxxxx xx xx for xxxxx reasons that public service xxxxxxx xxx important. If we xxxxx that public xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxx common in government xxxx xx xxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx add to

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