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PSY 202 / CheckPoint States of Consciousness


Resource: Consciousness: Sleep, Dreams, Hypnosis, and Drugs – Interactive Tutorial Watch the Consciousness: Sleep, Dreams, Hypnosis, and Drugs – Interactive Tutorial located at the following link: Explain all four states of consciousness and provide an example of a behavior associated with each state of consciousness. 




Write a 200- to 300-word summary in which you describe the results of the tutorial.

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States of Consciousness

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xxxxxx of Consciousness

xxxxxxxxxxxxx is a xxxxx of awareness. It includes a xxxxxx’x feelings, sensations, xxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxx There xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx of consciousness xxxx xx the xxxxxx xxxx





Sleep xx x xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx illustrated xx different xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx and inactivity. xx xx x stage xxxx persons xxx not xx touch with their xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx is a xxxxxx xxxx sleep xxxxx xx clear all useless information and is x xxxx of primitive hibernation that xx x xxxxx xxxx assists to conserve energy.

Dream xx x stage xxxxx is achieved xx the xxxx stage xx sleep. In xxx sleep fourth xxxxxx a xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx a xxxxx of xxxxx called xx REM. xxx xx x stage xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx by x speedy xxx movement, xxxx level brain activity, a xxxx relaxation xx xxx muscles xxx last give rise xx dreams.

xxxxxxxx is the state of xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx results xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx A xxxxxxxxx xxx help the xxxxxxx xx xxx aware xx

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