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Submitted by racael2 on Mon, 2013-11-18 20:56
due on Mon, 2013-11-18 01:00
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Please see excel spreadsheet

Activity-based Costing ProblemView more »





Complete the attached excel spreadsheet.

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Submitted by geniusy_2006 on Mon, 2013-11-18 21:24
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Here are the explanations for you and solutions in excel

body preview (10 words)

Here are the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx you xxx xxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx

file1.xlsx preview (375 words)


R&D activities xxxx xxxx xxxx pools xxxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx costs:
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx 1,050,000
Product xxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx
Product xxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Testingx xxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx that the xxxxxxxxxxx cost xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxx four xxxxxxxxxx are:
Activities Cost xxxxxxxxxxxx Estimated Drivers
Market xxxxxxxx Hours of analysisxxxxx hours
xxxxxxx xxxxxx Number xx designs xxxx designs
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxNumber xx productsxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Testingxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx tests
xx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxxx overhead rate xxx each xxxxx Use appropriate xxxxx xxxxxxxx xx show xxxx work
xxxxxxxxx Overhead Expected UseActivity Based O/H xxxxx
Market Analysis * xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx 70
xxxxxxx Design x xxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx* xxxxxxxxx90* xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx Testingx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx
b) xxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx be charged to an in-house manufacturing department that xxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xx

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