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Submitted by Shane Khem on Sat, 2013-08-10 21:46
due on Sun, 2013-08-11 22:00
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Please just do it as the instruction demand thank you

Submitted by accountsexpert on Sun, 2013-08-11 01:49
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Perfect Cost of Goods Manufactured and Income Statement

body preview (212 words)

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xx goods manufactured




Raw xxxxxxxxx consumed


xxxxxx Labor

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxxx Cost

xxxx Factory xxxxxxxx

Depreciation Expenses

Plant xxxxxxxx xxx expense

xxxxx maintenance

Cleaning Expenses

Indirect materials

Manufacturing xxxxx expenses

xxxxxxxx expense, plant

Other xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Factory quality xxxxxxx xxxxxxx


xxxx Opening WIP


Less: xxxxxxx WIP

Cost of goods manufactured






































Income xxxxxxxxx (for xxx year xxxxx xxst Dec., xxxxx





xxx sales (998000 – 4000)

Less: xxxx of Goods Sold

Opening Stock xx Finished Goods

xxxx xx Goods Manufactured


Less: Closing xxxxx of Finished Goods

xxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxx xxxxxxxx

Administrative xxxxxxxx expense         

xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx and auditing expense   

Sales discount


- - - more text follows - - -

file1.docx preview (338 words)


THE xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx ARE xx xx xxxxxx THE QUIZ IS xxx AT THE xxxxx OF CLASS. BRING xxx TYPED xxxxxx TO xxxxx

xxxxx ALL WORK!!!!!) xxxxxxxx label xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx financial xxxxxxxxxx

Use the xxxxxxxxx information xx prepare the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx as instructed below:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx 119,000

Advertising expense 12,000

xxxxxx xxxxx xx 110,000 x

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx factory 18,000

Finished goods inventory,1/1 xxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxx xxx auditing expense 50,000

Direct material xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Plant xxxxxxxxxxx expense 35,000

Work xx process inventory,1/1 9,000

Sales discount 15,000

xxxxxxx cleaning expense 30,000

xxxxxx material purchases xxxxxxx

Manufacturing design expense 3,000

Legal expense xxxxx

xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Indirect xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Depreciation xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx property xxx expense 8,000

Direct material inventory,12/31 39,000

xxxxxxxx labor 48,000

Manufacturing xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxx xx process xxxxxxxxxx 12/31 7,000

Storage and xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx goods inventory, 12/31 29,000

Freight xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx returns xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4,000

Other manufacturing overhead 13,000

xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

xxxxx warehouse xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Insurance xxxxxxxx selling 7,000

Research xxxxxxxx Plant 15,000

Consulting expense 21,000

xxxxxxx quality control expense 13,000

Store rental xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Instructions: Prepare xxx cost xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx a xxxxxxxx income xxxxxxxxx for Joy and Peace Manufacturing xxxxxxx for the xxxx ended

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by excellentassi... on Sat, 2013-08-10 22:57
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here you go, xxxx xxxxxxSmile

file1.doc preview (414 words)

MANAGERIAL xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx HOME xxxx

THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ARE TO BE xxxxxx THE xxxx xx xxx xx THE START OF xxxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx COPIES xx xxxxx

(SHOW xxx WORK!!!!!) Properly label all totals, xxxxxxxxxx and financial xxxxxxxxxx

xxx the xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx prepare the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx statements xx xxxxxxxxxx below:

Administrative xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx $ xxxxxxx xx

Advertising expense xxxxxxxxx xx

Direct xxxxx xx xxxxxxx

Depreciation xxxxxxxx factory xxxxxxxx

Finished goods inventory,1/1 27,000

Accounting xxx auditing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxx xxxxxxxx inventory,1/1 42,000

xxxxx maintenance expense 35,000

xxxx in xxxxxxx inventory,1/1 x 9,000

xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Direct material xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Manufacturing xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx 3,000

xxxxx expense xxxxxx

Gross sales 998,000

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Plant xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxx material inventory,12/31 39,000

xxxxxxxx labor 48,000

xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx expense 15,000

xxxx in process xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxxxx xxx warehouse xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Finished xxxxx inventory, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Freight xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sales xxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

xxxxx manufacturing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxx expense xxxxxx

Plant xxxxxxxxx expense 8,000

Insurance xxxxxxxx selling 7,000

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Plant 15,000

xxxxxxxxxx expense 21,000

Factory quality xxxxxxx expense 13,000

Store rental xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Instructions: Prepare xxx cost of xxxxx manufacturing xxxxxxxx and a xxxxxxxx xxxxxx statement xxx xxx xxx xxxxx Manufacturing Company

- - - more text follows - - -

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Submitted by accountguru on Sat, 2013-08-10 23:09
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price: $22.50

Joy and Peace Manufacturing Company_Cost of goods manufactured

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file1.xlsx preview (235 words)


xxx xxx Peace xxxxxxxxxxxxx Company
xxxx xx goods manufacturing xxxxxxxx
xxx the xxxx ended xxxxxxxx 31, 2013
Direct xxxxxxxx
Inventory xxxx 01 $42,000
xxxx xxxxxxxxx$177,000
Total xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx $219,000
Less: xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx x Dec. xx xxxxxxx
Material Consumed xxxxxxxx
Less: Indirect Materialxxxxxxx
xxxxxx Material consumed$158,000
xxxxxx Labor$110,000
xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx expense x Factory $18,000
Plant xxxxxxxxxxx expense xxxxxxx
xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx $30,000
Manufacturing design xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Indirect xxxxxxxx $22,000
Plant property tax xxxxxxx $8,000
xxxxxxxx Laborxxxxxxx
Manufaturing xxxxx xxxxxxx $15,000
Security xxxxxxx - plant xxxxxxx
Other xxxxxxxxxxxxx overhead $13,000
Plant warehouse expense$8,000
xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx - xxxxx$15,000
xxxxxxx Quality Control xxxxxxxx $13,000
Total xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxx cost xxxxxxxx xxxxxx the xxxxxx $523,000
Work in xxxxxxx Jan. x $9,000
Total xxxxxxxxxxxxx Costsxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxx x xxxx xx xxxxxx
Cost xx goods manufactured$525,000
Finished xxxxx Account
Finished Goods x xxxxxxxx x xxxx 01 $27,000
xxxx Cost xx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx $525,000
xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxx for xxxx$552,000
xxxxx Ending xxxxxxxxx x xxxx 31 $29,000
xxxx of goods sold$523,000
xxx xxx xxxxx Manufacturing Company
xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
For the year ended December 31, 2013
xxxxx Sales discountxxxxxxx

- - - more text follows - - -

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