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Physics directed to mathematician

Please post solution here

Submitted by mathematician on Fri, 2012-05-11 13:09
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Solutions (Credit goes to George Jackson)

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The xxxxxxxxxxxx of x square xxxxxx are xxx xxxxxxxx vectors xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx remain parallel to the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx each xxxxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxxxxxx eigenvalue is the factor xx which the eigenvector xx scaled when xxxxxxxxxx by xxx matrix. xxx prefix eigen- xx adopted from the German word xxxxxxx xxx "own"[1] in the sense of x characteristic description. The eigenvectors xxx sometimes xxxx called xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx Similarly, xxx xxxxxxxxxxx are xxxx known xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx values.
xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx expression xx xxxx xxxx is as follows: if A xx x xxxxxx xxxxxxx a non-zero vector v xx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xx x xx there is x xxxxxx xx (lambda) such xxxx

The scalar xx (lambda) xx xxxx to xx the eigenvalue of A corresponding xx v. An xxxxxxxxxx of

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