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Submitted by looneymousee on Wed, 2012-01-25 00:26
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A penny sits on the edge of a CD and travels through a distance of 1.00 m. What is its...

A penny sits on the edge of a CD and travels through a distance of 1.00 m. What is its angular displacement if it has a diameter of .100 m? (Give answers in radians, revolutions, and degrees)

Submitted by mainakmajumder on Wed, 2012-01-25 02:24
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xxxxxxxxxxx of the cd=100m

xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (say){in degree}

if,s=distance xxxxxxxxx by the penny,



->theta=(1/50)=0.02 xxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxx * 10^(-4) radian.

now,traveling xxx xxxxxxxx revolution
xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx * 10^(-5) xxxxxxxxxx

xx can't understand the value xx diameter,is it .100 m or xxxxxx solved the xxxxxxx assuming xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx changes xx xxxxxxxxxx xxx answer xxxx also xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx me if x xxxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx or not.Always xxxxx to xxxxxx

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