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Organizational Behavior

Unit 10 Assignment

Unit 10 you will be writing a 1-2 page paper regarding how you go about shadowing a mentor.

Finding and shadowing a mentor can be very important to your career development. A mentor is someone who is working at a job in a field you would aspire to and provides you with guidance in becoming successful in your pursuit of a similar job. It allows them to help guide you along on your career path by providing you with experienced advice. When it comes to success, there is no greater advice than that from someone who has been successful in the job you want.

You can start your research here:

How to Find a Mentor by Jack Canfield on YouTube

Finding the Right Mentor

In this assignment you will explore how someone goes about finding a mentor to shadow (follow) to help them in their career pursuits. You will also Identify a number of companies you would like to work for and at least one community organization that you could join to learn more about your career area of interest. This organization might also enable you to network and find mentors through your contacts found there.

After reflecting on what you have learned from your research, discuss how you have benefited from this experience. Write a minimum one – two page response to the questions below. Make sure to address all the questions and all the critical elements so you will be successful in completing this assignment.

Please answer the following questions in your paper:

1.Reflect and describe what you might learn by job shadowing that will make you a stronger candidate to enter the business world.

2.Specify exactly what the process would be to find and shadow a mentor.

3.Discuss the companies you would like to work for and explain why. Include at least one organization of which you would like to become a member so as to further your career networking.

4.Discuss what skills you feel you need to develop or further develop to be able to have a productive Mentor/Mentee relationship.

5.Explain how this experience of shadowing a mentor might impact your professional, educational and personal development plans.

Respond using the critical elements below and submit your minimum one to two page response to the dropbox.

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Organizational xxxxxxxx

During Job xxxxxxxxx you xxxx xxxxx xxxx things which xxxx help you to xxxxxx a xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx i.e. xx doing these will xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx Get a glimpse into x company xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx xx able to see xxxxxxxxx what xxxxxxx in that position does, rather than xxxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxxx xx hearing xxxx others. xxxx will help xxx make xx xxxxxxxx decision xxxxx xxxxxxx you xxxx xx work xx xxxx xxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx potential xxxxxxxxx down the xxxxxxxxxxxxx your chances xx being hired xx the xxxxxxxx While you are shadowing, xxx can xxxx xxxxxx xxx impress them xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx skills, xxxx xxxxx you an xxxx over xxx candidates who xxxx not xxx company xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx It shows the company xxx have a xxxxxx

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