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Organisations that fail to plan are planning to fail. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

There are two parts in this critical thinking essay question. Part A needs maximum word limits 1700 words and Part B needs 300 words limit. Referencing should be in APA style. 5 academic references are needed and also from textbook. Question is from IT undergraduate subject, Management and Organization.



Part A: Organisations that fail to plan are planning to fail. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain and refer to theoretical models and concepts in your answer.   (Approximately 1700 words).




Part B: Critically reflect on your own ability and skill to plan. Explain how you will develop planning skills to help you prepare for future management challenges. Relate your personal response to your theoretical research. (Approximately 300 words).

[word counts do not include references, reference list and headings and you may vary within 10% of these word limits]



The aims of the assessment are:

• to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of the sorts of challenges that managers face

• to encourage in-depth research on the context of contemporary management and the skills and abilities that are required when managing in this changing context.

• to develop skills in presenting a balanced presentation of management theory and organisational practice to the reader.

• to develop and practice formal written communication skills.

• to critically reflect on your own philosophy, goals and skills around managing.



Marking criteria

To PASS this assessment you must:

You should refer to your textbook as well as a minimum of five academic references. Make use of scholarly sources and academic journals. The required number of references does not include the prescribed textbook or lecture notes but may include study guide readings.

make use of specific organisational examples to illustrate your arguments.

Explain key theoretical concepts related to your chosen topic

Reference accurately according to APA system

Your assignment will be graded taking into account the extent to which you have:

Answered the question set, kept to the topic and covered only relevant issues;

Expressed other people’s ideas in your own words and gone beyond what they have said on the topic by integrating a range of literature;

Demonstrated that you understand the statement, the issues it covers and the debates it gives rise to;

Taken a critical orientation to the argument put by the statement that recognises, considers and weighs-up competing viewpoints;

Shown in the content of your essay that you have read the relevant literature;

Structured your essay into a clear flow of argument or reasoning that makes sense and is persuasive;

Been clear and concise in your expression;

Paid attention to the rules of writing in relation to paragraphing, punctuation, spelling, etc.;

Appropriately cited references;

Kept to the approximate word length; and


Gone beyond mere description.

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Organisations that fail to plan are planning to fail. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Organizational xxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx

Company xxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xx century has xxxxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx ways xx xxxxxxxx to the xxxxxxxx century. xxxx companies or xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx failure to xxxx can xx costly xx xxxxxxxxx their xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx that xxx xxxx to xxx failure. Organizational planning and xxxxxxxxxx involves different area xx x xxxxxxx from xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx in xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx process, xxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxx implementation, and monitoring and evaluation. One xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in management that xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx with x good xxxxxxxx reputation and outstanding performance xxxxxxxx to xxxxx high consideration on xxxxxxxx in xxx their organizational xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx economy, xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx strive xx xxxxxxx better xxxx their xxxxxxxxxxx xx the market. xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx continue xx make significant changes in their xxxxxx plans xx ensure xxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx relevant xx the

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