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OPS571 OPS/571Week1Quiz (15 correct out of 15)

1.Even though they use different models, both the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Group and Nordstrom Department Stores are known for what?

2. Using a project layout for building an aircraft, why would you want to place rivets close to or even in the fuselage?

3. Why would a company want to supply a product to preferred customers during product ramp-up?

4. Why is the planning phase often referred to as Phase 0 (Zero) of the generic product development process?

5. According to the Service-System Design Matrix, sales opportunity has what sort of relationship to production efficiency?

6. Why do many customers like the self-service approach to service design?

7. Poka-yoke is a Japanese term for a procedure that blocks an inevitable mistake from becoming what?

8. Which of the following is a good example of a continuous process layout?

9. Permeable systems are characterized by being penetrable by customers via what two forms of contact?

10. Some may argue that the production-line approach may not treat the process as a service process, but as what type of process?

11. If an automotive service center has an issue with a car not being clean when returned to a customer, the poka-yoke corrective action might include what?

12. A service process design flowchart is referred to as a service blueprint to emphasize what?

13. What is a company trying to optimize in the most common approach to developing a workcenter layout?

14. What happens to production efficiency as the customer exerts more influence on the system?

15. For which key organizational functions are tasks and responsibilities identified for all the steps of the generic product development process?

Submitted by karapuz on Thu, 2014-01-02 00:27
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OPS571 OPS/571Week1Quiz (15 correct out of 15)

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xxxx xxxxxx xxxx use xxxxxxxxx models, both the xxxxxxxxxxxx Hotel xxxxx and xxxxxxxxx Department Stores xxx xxxxx for xxxxx

Poor xxxxxxxx service

A self-service xxxxxxxx to customer service

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxx xxxx talk xx xxxx customers

The xxxxxxxx attention they xxxxxxx their customers

xxxxx x project xxxxxx for xxxxxxxx an aircraft, why xxxxx xxx want to xxxxx xxxxxx close to or even xx xxx fuselage?

xxxxxx xxx small and you don’t want xx lose xxxx

Rivets should actually xx placed farthest away xxxx the xxxxxxxxx

Rivets xxx used xxx time only in the construction process

xxxxxx are xxxx consistently throughout xxx construction xxxxxxx

Why xxxxx x xxxxxxx xxxx xx supply a xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxx customers during product xxxxxxxx

Identify xxx remaining xxxxx

xxx choice xxxxx positioning

Help xxxxxxx x marketing plan

Test xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Why is the planning xxxxx xxxxx referred xx as Phase x xxxxxx of xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

xxxx phase

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