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Operations Management unit 8

Submitted by siosticks on Fri, 2012-07-13 05:18
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Ku Consulting Name: College: Course: Tutor: Date: Introduction Albatross Anchor is a family business that deals in production of anchors. The company has grown exponentially since its first operations in 1976. The company produces bell anchor which is

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Attached is the answer for xxxxxxxxxx MANAGEMENT UNIT 8.




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Running Head: KU CONSULTING � PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT xxxxxxxxxxx CONSULTING � xxxx \* xxxxxxxxxxx �2�


Ku Consulting





Date: �


xxxxxxxxx Anchor is x family xxxxxxxx that deals xx production xx anchors. The xxxxxxx has xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx since its xxxxx operations in xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx produces xxxx xxxxxx xxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxxx through a xxxxxxx xxxxxxx and is best xxxx in fresh water. The other xxxxxxx xx produces is x xxxx xxxx anchor xxx xxx xxxx used xx xxxx xxxxxx Each xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxx equipment xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx manufacturing xxxx xxx the bell anchor xx xx xxx pound of bell anchors and xxx xxx pound for xxx xxxx xxxx anchors. The manufacturing xxxxxxx sells xxx products xx xxxxxxxxx

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