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Occupy Wall Street Movement

  • Use the Internet  to research the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that began in the fall of 2011. 

    Write a 6-8 page paper in which you:

    1. Discuss the moral and economic implications involved in the movement.
    2. Analyze each of the implications identified above against the utilitarian, Kantian, and virtue ethics to determine which theory best applies to the movement. Support your position with examples and evidence.
    3. Determine who is responsible for income inequality and wealth distribution in the U.S. In your analysis, make sure to include if this is something that happened suddenly or if it built up over time. Explain your rationale.
    4. Suggest an equitable outcome from the movement that would be appropriate for our capitalistic society.
    5. Predict whether the movement will continue, fad away, or turn into something else. Provide a rationale with your response.
    6. Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.
Submitted by neel on Tue, 2012-07-10 01:21
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Occupy Wall Street Movement

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xxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Occupy xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx

Economic xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx

After the sub-prime crisis xxxxxx in xxxx end and its xxxxx realities began to come up on xxx face xx xxxxxxxxx services, xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx for government bailouts which were financed xx xxxx other xxxx the taxpayers’ money. xxxxxxx xxxx retaliation xxxxxxx xxx same, xxxxxx xxxxx xxxx xx called xxx Occupy Wall xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx whose xxx was to xx xxxx to xxxx the ruthless and selfish xxxxxx making mechanism of xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx the xxxxx a xxxxxxx was xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx there is xxxxxx inequality xx US xxx the xxxxxxxxx xx xxxx as xxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx taking this step xxx xxxxxxx the xxxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx on the xxxxxxxx xxxx xx the ongoing

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